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The power of the soul

“Ninety-five percent of our time is wasted on thinking about others; we go on and on with a string of expectations, which becomes like a hammer of demand on other people’s heads. Take a combination of expectations and demand, and what does it equal? Conflict!” At this time in the world Drama, everybody has some illness of the mind or other and are abusive towards others in some way. If you stay in meditation you can help that soul by [...]

Full of all virtues

Right now I am focusing on being full of all virtues and full of all powers.  I think self-respect is the most important as it will clear all other obstacles and if you can see your own good qualities you will be happy all the time. All virtues can be obtained from staying peaceful in any situation. With the virtue of peace all other virtues are developed. To stay peaceful, one technique is soul consciousness. Another powerful technique is God [...]

Health Awareness

I recently attended a seminar on health awareness so that I can improve my health condition. I learnt some very useful things. The morning was divided between the three health care speakers: Dr. Prashant, Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Cambridge Center, Dr. Isabella Llewelyn, GP in North London, with a special interest in nutrition, cancer research and energy medicine, director of her own practice at Brent health care, and Helen Wall, from Birmingham, Five Elements Acupuncturist. The talk began with an interesting statistic that [...]

How to be happy no matter what

I used to believe I would be happy once I found a job, or when others changed…Having the guidance of the One has helped me to accept situations and people. I am developing maturity and becoming fearless thanks to the One. People may still try to take my happiness away and I am learning not to be ruled by others. I am learning to live in the present and be content with it. The good news is that happiness [...]

The Way of Effective Communication

Effective communication is probably the most important of all life skills. It helps us in every aspect of life, from our professional life, to social gatherings and everything in between. Good communication is about showing meaning in what we say and how we say it. A common cry heard in many interactions is: Say what you mean! It sounds so simple, but all too often, what we try to communicate gets lost in translation despite our best intentions. We say one [...]

My wish to become an angel

There are a group of people in society who are trying to improve their character in order to help the human race survive. If we all learned to respect one another then we would have inner peace and we could have peace on earth. I am one of those many souls who are part of this large organisation, the Brahma Kumaris, whose aim is to achieve peace on earth. We are trying to become angels. If I wish to become [...]

Strengthening Mental Health

I woke up this morning with a promise to myself that my negative thoughts will not defeat me and I am to work on strengthening my mental mind (health). However, very quickly, I found myself tangled in my morning routine, in judging, the right and the wrong and not what was wrong about me, but what others are doing wrong and what they should be doing right and of course; my excuse is that I am helping them to [...]

Consider yourself to be God’s property

As a child my main concern was always to do well in my studies so that I could get a good job and help my family out of poverty. I never really thought much about character and sticking to your principles and was never lucky enough to be educated in this although I was a very honest person. As Modi is about to make a visit to the UK, the UK Brahma Kumaris bid farewell to one of their senior [...]

How to Relax Your Mind

How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways Relaxing the mind is probably the most important thing we should do every day. But how much energy and attention do we give to this essential daily practice? Once we understand that all of the stress we experience in life is created, not as it may seem, by the people around us, or the situation in which we find ourselves, but by our own response to these things, we can begin [...]

Creating a healthy mind and body

In spirituality we say that there are three things which affect your longevity: hurry, worry and curry. These are three bad habits that can ruin a person’s good health. I think worry is the worst one as it is the hardest to control. A man leaves his house at 7.15 every morning to get to work. Today he’s running ten minutes late because he overslept. As he leaves his house he realises he has forgotten his watch on the [...]

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