The Illusion of FEAR

How many times have we used the phrase “I’m afraid I can’t do…” or “if I go ahead with this I’m afraid…”, I’m afraid so and so will…”.

I’m sure many of you may be nodding your head right now, thinking yes I have used these phrases. Well let me tell you, by using the word afraid we have invoked the fear! However, I call this fear, an illusion because we have made it appear so real in our minds that no matter what another may say to make you feel otherwise, they cannot change what’s in your head!

There are so many different forms of fear, from the physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. The most recent one stemming from the pandemic. We want to move forward, take the next step, or jump to next level but there is this block, actually this illusion we carrying in our heads. Well a point will come when we will be forced to face the fear. At that time the experience of pain will be far too great to even think about removing this illusion. Prevention is better than cure!

So how can I remove it? What steps can I take? Well firstly we need to accept. Accept that I have created this fear. It’s not because of so and so, it’s not because of the situation or event but it’s because I chose to! Even if it was a very
traumatic experience which left a deep impact on the Soul, it too can be changed! Acceptance is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. For now, you will look within rather than out there. When we start looking within, we slowly but surely start to calm the inner chaos and are able to filter out the unnecessary.

For this, the next thing we need is regular practice of meditation. Quiet moments with the self is actually very empowering and uplifting. You begin to draw courage from within and no longer need to be afraid. In fact, what you are doing is removing the illusion of FEAR by Facing Every Angle Responsibly.

Let me give you an example here, I just got my driver’s license and I was involved in a car accident with a huge truck, the truck completely shattered the right side of the car, dragging the car off the road. I was driving the car with my siblings in it and this scene left a deep impact within. Thankfully we all survived but what it left was a deep FEAR of trucks and driving within me. Every time I drove and a truck came into the next lane, my heart pounded and the adrenaline kicked in. I worked on myself, by firstly accepting that it was an accident, it wasn’t anyone’s fault. It was a lesson to teach me to be more cautious, aware and confident. Secondly the notion of trucks being monstrous was replaced by its just another vehicle.  In time this illusion I was carrying in my mind disappeared, no longer fearing trucks or driving next to one. Taking ownership kicks the illusion element out and brings an understanding of how the person, the object, the situation was filling your mind with fear.

As we take ownership, we need to develop love, for love is the absence of fear. As I see myself as a being of love, I see others as beings of love, I realise the lessons in my life are there to open the love that’s waiting to radiate out! So whether its COVID-19, your boss, a creature or public speaking, by removing the illusion of fear and Facing Every Angle of our lives Responsibly,
we free ourselves and in turn allow our true potential to shine out!

Here is meditation on overcoming fear:


About Janita Hargoven

An avid practitioner of Raja yoga meditation, who has incorporated spirituality as a lifestyle for over 23 years. Plays an active role at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and is part of the national coordinating team for Zimbabwe for over 10 years. As a professional holistic health therapist uses spirituality to help bring a complete balance of wellbeing. Whilst teaching yoga and meditation with great zeal and enthusiasm encouraging all who come into contact to experience a healthy peaceful life.

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