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The Power of Love: Cause & Effect

The philosophy is straight and simple—you get what you give. The Sanskrit word “karma” stands for action and its result, for the fact that whatever we sow in our lives returns to us sooner or later. It is a vast and deep concept from which we continue to learn new lessons. For the spiritual student, an understanding of personal karma may work as a motivator to deepen awareness and embody positive attitudes. The more we internalize, the more we realize the extent...

Create the Right Vibe

We now know that everything in the universe is pulsating constantly. It’s perhaps easy to understand that flowers and foliage are vibrating energy, but are you also aware that the matter, which makes up the chair you are sitting on is also vibrating, plus the teacup you are holding, plus the table beside you? The lights and television and all of the gadgets that you have around you are also emitting energy – are we conscious of the different...

If You Don’t Mind, Then It Doesn’t Matter

Isn’t the mind a devil at times; conjuring up a conspiracy against our peace, positivity and well-being! It can draft up negative or wasteful thoughts from simple situations and convince us to react rather than to respond. We need to befriend and bend our own mind if we are to steer it clear of making mountains out of molehills, or taking sorrow from situations. The mind is difficult to understand and even more difficult to tame. Like mercury, it is...

The Jewel in the Crown

In our search for love we will look in almost every corner of the world. We seek love as acceptance and approval in our many relationships. We desire the ideal love in the fiction of the perfect romance. We expect to find love in what we do, what we acquire and even in the places we go. There are always temporary satisfactions on these roads, but disappointment is also inevitable, until we realize they are dead ends. It may take...

Is Mindfulness Enough?

Mindfulness, an awareness of everyday living, creates the capacity to see how one's thoughts, words, feelings and actions impact and create our reality. One of the aims of mindfulness is to create new possibilities for betterment and new horizons of understanding. Mindfulness cherishes the value of being and enhances its respect. However, is mindfulness enough in order to increase personal and collective well-being? It is certainly a huge step and to be esteemed, however, when it is aligned to "heartfulness,"...

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