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Time and Balance

Time and Balance Travelling back from my day out today I heard this song on the radio. “To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn …a time to be born .. a time to die .. a time to laugh … a time to weep …” Do you recognise these words? Have you heard the song? It was a popular song in the 60s, by Pete Seegar and the Byrds, though the lyrics originate from the Book [...]

Little acts of kindness

Little acts of kindness through cards The first meditation class I went to, about twenty years ago, ended with the teacher passing round a little tin. Inside were lots of different cards, about the size of a matchbox. Each of the cards had one coloured word printed on it. But not just any word. These words were part of a new language I was about to learn over the next two decades and beyond. The language of the heart and [...]

Just A Moment

Just A Moment Start the Day Well Is it a very good morning? If the day begins with my thoughts scattered in many different directions or with anxiety about a situation due to occur later in the day, it will prove difficult to maintain a positive attitude all the time. This is because my first thoughts in the morning set the pattern for the whole day. If I so not use the morning hours to sort out my thoughts when else [...]

Appreciation, The Art of Thinking

Appreciation, The Art of Thinking Today is a good day.  A walk by the sea, the cold, fresh air,  invigorating as I move, snug in my warm coat and stout shoes. The sun shines.  I breathe deeply with good health. There are other people out and about and polite exchanges are made as we pass each other, feelings of empathy and understanding, a nod, a smile. Bound together briefly in our mutual ‘move more, feel better’ moment! I rest in [...]

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