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The Creative Process

Creative energy is an amazing thing. It’s as if it is not here on this plane of existence at all, but that it just arrives in a moment of requisite. As if it is sent from up above, or that it is just drifting through the air like an invisible thought-form or abstract concept, until it is harnessed, or earthed, by an individual who is in tune with its frequency, its wave form, its properties and make up. Creativity comes in...

Making a small change everyday

Have you noticed how time is flying these days? It never used to be like this, did it? There seems to be an acceleration or quickening each day, and that's why I feel  it's more important now than ever before, to make a small change, for the better, every day. (That’s Every Day) I ask myself at the end of each day, "What did I do well today?", and I wait for the answer. It does come if you create enough space for...

Anger,Fear and Peace – Part 2

The core of all of us spiritual beings is made of the energies of love, peace, purity, power and joy.  As we move through time, that core, vibration if you like,  is covered in the dust of the habits we acquire to protect this love, peace, purity, power and joy. Over time, we forget how to use the beautiful qualities. It takes courage, patience and determination to nurture beauty and to emerge it and use it in the face...

Anger, Fear and Peace – Part 1

Today I saw two people arguing. Well, I say arguing. They were both extremely professional and it was more a case of having to be quietly assertive, each one getting their own point across, trapped in the deep habit of needing to 'win'. It made me think of all the times I have had to 'win'. All the reasons why that might have been important. Continues to be important in some ways. Perhaps a first understanding of how this 'need to...

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