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‘Coming and Going’

 It's what we do. 'Coming and Going'. It's the rhythm of life itself. Have you ever noticed that we are either coming or going? Here and there, back and forth, to and from, from and to, even. It's also happening on all levels in the physical world. From the spinning of the neutrons, electrons and protons around the nucleus of an atom, the movement of the Earth on its axis, the orbits, or comings and goings of the planets, the planes of the galaxies...

Nepal Earthquake

My heart goes out to the Nepalese people and all others affected by last month’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake which killed over 8000 people and injured nearly 20,000 more. At its epicentre in the Gorkha District, villages were levelled, communities destroyed and families were left in pieces. This truly was a disaster on a massive scale. Its affects and aftershocks were felt from China to Pakistan, through India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and to Bhutan The world responded quickly on this occasion. Twitter tweets...

Domestic Violence

BBC Documentary ‘Beaten by my Boyfriend’ (first screened 25 March 2015) Watching the above documentary, made me wonder about our society.  The programme did not come to any clear conclusion about why domestic violence is reaching epidemic proportions.  violence’ and ‘domestic ‘are two words which should not co-habit !  Whatever the cruel world has in store for us outside our front doors, within our homes it is natural to expect and enjoy feelings of comfort and well-being.   Conversations with some of...

The Royal Princess

 'It's a Girl...' - The Yogi Bus Driver Last week was a special week. A ray of light shone into the world. It hailed the arrival of a new Princess. That's right folks, a real Princess. Not a film about a princess or a princess West End stage-show, but a real life Crowned-Princess. It is almost 65 years since the birth of the last Royal Princess (Princess Anne in 1950), and this birth marks the beginning of girl-power within the Royal Family. This...

‘Getting ready for Summer’

'Getting ready for Summer' 'Summertime, and the living is easy", famous words, from a famous song written by George Gershwin back in 1934 (bit before my time), but would you say that this is true? I love the summer. The feel of a warm wind (chinook) against the skin, being able to wear light-weight clothing, and those long, long days. Sometimes in the UK it stays light till 10pm at night, but I suppose that's nothing compared to Iceland, which, actually I...

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