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People dealing with Cancer

The BBC has reported that NHS patients in England should get results for cancer tests within four weeks of being referred by a GP by 2020 under new plans to improve treatment. In 2012 there were an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer worldwide and 8.2 million deaths worldwide (taken from Cancer Research UK). I’m very glad to hear the news about improvements in cancer care for NHS patients as my mum who was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 was...


Magnetic Energy. The power to attract or repel. I think there are many deep secrets locked away inside magnetism... The Earth, our planet, is a huge magnet. Its core is iron, molten rock, and around that is a thin crust that appears to be solid and stable. But actually, the crust is quite temporary. It is shifting, drifting slowly on a bed of liquid, held together by magnetism and gravity. The magnetic shield around the Earth is, in fact, our protection from many types...

Peace in the Park 2015

July 2015, and you would imagine that the British Summertime would be well under way. After all, it's all over by September anyway, right? So, sunshine should be pretty much guaranteed? Nope. No. In fact, absolutely not. The fourth weekend in July is the Summer Festival of Peace in the Park. It is a spiritual festival of music, workshops, lectures and TED style talks, all followed by a music concert, held in the beautiful grounds of the Global Retreat Centre, located in the tiny...

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