Month: October 2015

Consider yourself to be God’s property

As a child my main concern was always to do well in my studies so that I could get a good job and help my family out of poverty. I never really thought much about character and sticking to your principles and was never lucky enough to be educated in this although I was a…

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Spirituality in the workplace

Spirituality in the workplace Last academic year I started working at a school in my local area. I focussed on helping the students no matter what and building up a relationship with the students through an attitude of trust and by seeing their specialities – which starts with attitude and awareness. I was liked by…

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How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways

How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways Relaxing the mind is probably the most important thing we should do every day. But how much energy and attention do we give to this essential daily practice? Once we understand that all of the stress we experience in life is created, not as it…

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