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How to get more harmony in your life

Around Christmas time I received a special blessing from God through a senior at the Brahma Kumaris. The blessing was that I would claim a very high status in heaven. Since then I have had a very good relationship with God but now I have hit an obstacle with the world. Ego…. When I look at others all I generally see are good qualities but when God tells you that you have a very high status then how do you...

My spiritual retreat in Mount Abu

I have just returned from a spiritual retreat with the Brahma Kumaris at the headquarters in India. I attended several classes and the one I found most useful was one about staying happy. I am now learning to be happy no matter what, despite some very negative events happening in my past, knowing that at least God is with me and that I’m improving my consciousness by having a relationship with the One. I was determined to be independent and I...

Inner Happiness

Happiness is quite difficult to define, yet, most people are aware of whether they are happy or not. Certainly happiness is not pleasure, which is fleeting: parties, receiving a gift, a day on the beach, or, as bidden by myths of the consumerist world, the accumulation of things that we run after to recreate imagined bliss. Chasing pleasure is not happiness. Happiness is a feeling of contentment, when your life is just as it should be, when your life...

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