An angel cares, shares and inspires

An angel cares, shares and inspires

“Every two hours I will put a brake on my mind and my tongue. I step inside myself for a minute and become quiet; I stop, relax and observe. Once my understanding is clearer, I can re-enter the flow of daily activities with new-found direction. As soon as I notice myself complaining and blaming I will stop. These two habits destroy my inner strength because they show that I am still expecting solutions and changes to come from others. Instead, I have to change the way I think, feel, see and act – and especially what and how I choose.” extract taken from  the book – The Man Who Loved Angels – Anthony Strano

I have recently started reading this book about angels and it has inspired me to see things from a different perspective, especially with those who I don’t get along with and those who I feel don’t treat me as they should.

The book explains how we can inspire others and uplift them simply by giving them our trust and friendship. I have been applying this in the school where I have been working on a contract basis through an agency, offering my trust to the business manager of the school who has been trying to negotiate a job for me. The school asked me to join another agency as they were feeling taken advantage of by the agency I currently work for however I refused as I thought this would be deceiving my agency. In this way I am trying to be a practical example for the world, showing them that when you follow spiritual principles there is no need to worry about daily situations as long as you are economical and not careless.

The book also elucidates that when there are those who you don’t get along with, understand that they have something to teach you. There is someone in my life currently who is mistreating me and I am trying this method of seeing what I can learn from that person and it is helping me to reach a higher state of consciousness by developing humility.

When we fly beyond, we enter Eternity and bring its gift of light into time, nature and our human family. The height of our flight depends on the depth of our spirituality. We must stabilise our mind with full will and concentration on the authentic self, the soul. Unless this is done, we may occasionally jump up but, like a frog, we will land in the same position. This will result in a few croaks of achievement but nothing really benevolent.

No matter how difficult, how unexpected, how unwanted the experience, that comes into my life, I ask God “What can I learn from this?” and “What transformation must come about?”

“We have the capacity to be so generous that God can use our heart to guide many to the Source of Love.

Humans ask, angels trust

Humans analyse, angels know

Humans wait, angels create

Humans judge, angels discern

Humans separate, angels embrace

Humans correct, angels inspire”

..These are some definitions of angels.

“An angel is taught by God to care, support and protect others, whilst simultaneously developing personal responsibility and an autonomous state of mind.”

“Every day I will give thanks to God, to life and to the universe because I exist, I can learn, I can transform, I can share love.”

You can read these extracts and find out more about how to become an angel in the great book by Anthony Strano: The Man Who Loved Angels.

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