Anger,Fear and Peace – Part 2

The core of all of us spiritual beings is made of the energies of love, peace, purity, power and joy.  As we move through time, that core, vibration if you like,  is covered in the dust of the habits we acquire to protect this love, peace, purity, power and joy. Over time, we forget how to use the beautiful qualities. It takes courage, patience and determination to nurture beauty and to emerge it and use it in the face of fear. Over time, we have defaulted to using the quick, loud, fierce ways. They seem to work more quicky. Terrify others in submission and so all the better! Far more thorough.

But in using these ways, these weapons, to uphold my peace, bourne out of fear, I am turning my weapons against myself. The anger comes out of me first. It affects me first before it’s even out of my mouth towards you. The fear comes out of me first. It affects me first before I even express it to you. The anxiety comes out of me first. If affects me first, in tension, a frown, tight fists, racing heart, before I even show you a look of distaste.

I am reminded of the UNESCO constitution adopted in 1945:

“That since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed; 

That ignorance of each other’s ways and lives has been a common cause, throughout the history of mankind, of that suspicion and mistrust between the peoples of the world through which their differences have all too often broken into war …”

The constitution was written to prevent further world war. But I see that the moments in our own lives when we declare a small war on our colleagues, family, friends, ourselves, come from the same place: fear in the mind.

And so what steps are needed to turn this habit of thinking around?

Know and understand what’s going on inside our own minds. What is really happening when we try to ‘win’, to ‘protect’ ourselves. Know the dynamics, the energy flow : I am taking from you in order to fill myself up. I am taking energy from you, or from the situation, to make you smaller and to make myself bigger. Such is the deep-seated habit that we default to.

And so how wonderful to be the meditator. To begin to recharge myself in other ways. Fill myself with peace and love and power from another source. From deep within the silent place that I am. Or a Higher Source.

Then, and this is the best bit, because I am full of energy [aka hope, wisdom, peace, benevolence, courage] when I see you and feel challenged or sense a ‘war’ could begin, I begin to GIVE to you. I give beautiful, kind energy to you. I soothe you, and, as a wonderful by-product, I soothe myself. Do you think this is possible? To override the deep habits of taking and begin to give?

This is how meditation works. It’s about learning to process all situations clearly, with love and detachment. No suppression. No bitterness. How lovely to be able to just accept. Keep perspective.  I don’t have to agree with anything. I don’t have to even like it. But I can just accept that it is as it is. Even if there is still work to be done, things to sort out.  And then tapping into a deep source of peace,  moving myself back to peace from the inside out.

Spend some time learning the art of meditation in this way. It’s free.  Are you?

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