Author - Maureen McCaldin


How does the ego convince us that it is real? Emotions sustain the ego because emotions feel real. Emotions come from the ‘my’ value we project onto things or people but that value is not a part of the object or person we call ‘mine’. My car has value for me but that ‘my’ value is only in my mind, it is not a part of the car. The meaning of any object or thing is [...]

Freedom – Part 2b

Time Being present enables us to be contented all the time. Constant happiness can only be experienced when we are present. Why? All sadness/regret is based on something in the past that has already happened and all fear is based on something in the future that has not yet happened. If we are pre-occupied with the past or anticipating the future, we may miss opportunities that are present right now. Where is our focus? Remembering some [...]

The Subtlety of Self-Respect

We create an external personality which we call the ego from the external and material influences of our lives and it is the ego that is the source of our sorrow and lack of self respect. The self, the soul, the real I, is already perfect, a peaceful, loving, wise and happy being, infinitely worthy of respect. It is the soul that gives life to the body but we cannot see the soul so the subtlety of the soul [...]

Attitude in relationships

Our attitude creates our perception of what is happening in our relationships in life. If I have the attitude that someone is irritating, I will always find something irritating in that person’s behaviour so my attitude is a mind set that determines my experience of the relationship. That attitude of irritation comes from the ego mind. The ego attitude is of taking and of selfishness and is based on the limited events of life in this physical world, whereas [...]

Freedom – Part 2a

Body The ego has put our sense of self into the body and the role that we play in the drama of life. The body is not who we are but as soon as we are born, others relate to us as though we are the form we inhabit. “What a pretty girl. What a handsome boy” may be said many times when we are little. Such remarks focus our attention on the body and such experiences [...]

Freedom – Part 1b

Relationships We are all social beings and so we all interact with one another. It is helpful to adopt the attitude that we are all actors playing our different roles in the drama of life. I may be playing the role of a mother, a teacher, a householder and so on. This analogy enables us to understand that everyone is playing their part accurately according to their script. Each one creates his own story. [...]

Freedom – Part 1a

Possessions Everything out there in the physical world is neutral. It is what it is. A car is a car. A dress is a dress. Any value judgement is a projection of opinion. “This is a nice dress.” Nice is a value judgement which I have projected onto the dress. The “nice” value is not an inherent part of the dress. The dress is simply a dress. Different people might not even [...]

Models Of Perfection Vs Authentic Living

Spiritual awareness enables us to stand back from any situation and not get caught up in temporary ideas of models of perfection, ie, an image of what the ego would like us to be. Examples might include a model in our mind of how a perfect student, or a perfect nurse, or a perfect mother should be. The ego then tries to make us live up to that image, but living up to an image is not [...]

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