Author - Sarah Cavanagh

Become a Master Sailor

Like the master sailor who uses the powerful energy of the wind to sail her boat where she wants to go, appreciating the direction and force. Never trying to change what she cannot, but using her skill for what is possible on her journey with the tools and knowledge she has. And not trying to sail in the force of a hurricane, to prove anything, but has the wisdom to stay at the shore, using time usefully, mending, nurturing, [...]

Anger,Fear and Peace – Part 2

The core of all of us spiritual beings is made of the energies of love, peace, purity, power and joy.  As we move through time, that core, vibration if you like,  is covered in the dust of the habits we acquire to protect this love, peace, purity, power and joy. Over time, we forget how to use the beautiful qualities. It takes courage, patience and determination to nurture beauty and to emerge it and use it in the face [...]

Anger, Fear and Peace – Part 1

Today I saw two people arguing. Well, I say arguing. They were both extremely professional and it was more a case of having to be quietly assertive, each one getting their own point across, trapped in the deep habit of needing to ‘win’. It made me think of all the times I have had to ‘win’. All the reasons why that might have been important. Continues to be important in some ways. Perhaps a first understanding of how this ‘need to [...]

Just A Minute

Just A Minute Last week at school, in maths, I was working with a group of children to get a sense of how long one minute lasts. They took turns to carry out different activities and see how far they could get in one minute. How many times can you write your name in one minute,? How many pegs can you put in a peg board in one minute?  How many times can you stand up and sit down in [...]

Time and Balance

Time and Balance Travelling back from my day out today I heard this song on the radio. “To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn …a time to be born .. a time to die .. a time to laugh … a time to weep …” Do you recognise these words? Have you heard the song? It was a popular song in the 60s, by Pete Seegar and the Byrds, though the lyrics originate from the Book [...]

Little acts of kindness

Little acts of kindness through cards The first meditation class I went to, about twenty years ago, ended with the teacher passing round a little tin. Inside were lots of different cards, about the size of a matchbox. Each of the cards had one coloured word printed on it. But not just any word. These words were part of a new language I was about to learn over the next two decades and beyond. The language of the heart and [...]

Just A Moment

Just A Moment Start the Day Well Is it a very good morning? If the day begins with my thoughts scattered in many different directions or with anxiety about a situation due to occur later in the day, it will prove difficult to maintain a positive attitude all the time. This is because my first thoughts in the morning set the pattern for the whole day. If I so not use the morning hours to sort out my thoughts when else [...]

Appreciation, The Art of Thinking

Appreciation, The Art of Thinking Today is a good day.  A walk by the sea, the cold, fresh air,  invigorating as I move, snug in my warm coat and stout shoes. The sun shines.  I breathe deeply with good health. There are other people out and about and polite exchanges are made as we pass each other, feelings of empathy and understanding, a nod, a smile. Bound together briefly in our mutual ‘move more, feel better’ moment! I rest in [...]

Meditation – a practical tool

Meditation is a practical tool for life. Through meditation, we begin to emerge and enhance a whole new set of skills to manage, enjoy and thrive in our lives.  Anyone can emerge these skills if they want to. Everyone can benefit, wherever they are in the world, whatever they are doing, whoever they are if they are prepared to put in a little investment of time and study themselves. What are these skills that allow me to thrive, instead of [...]

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