Author - Simon Ralph

The Way to move away from the Fear of Fear

You’re sitting alone, quietly watching TV, and the front door is suddenly thrown open. Your breathing speeds up, your heart races and your muscles tighten. After a split second you realise it’s the wind, and that no-one is trying to break in. Yet, your mind went into overdrive, projecting and imagining demons, monsters or criminals. For that split second you were so afraid, you reacted as if your life was in danger, but, in reality there was no danger [...]

10 Best Steps on Overcoming Anger

  Recognising First Signs Don’t do anything. Don’t act on the angry feeling. This is just an emotion. You can feel it without turning it into a behaviour. Response Try to step back from this feeling and label it, seeing that it is, in fact, separate from you. Notice its strength and how it pushes you into action. Accept that it’s there. There’s nothing wrong with anger, it’s only a signal that you’re in pain. It’s only a problem when you act on [...]

The Way of Effective Communication

Effective communication is probably the most important of all life skills. It helps us in every aspect of life, from our professional life, to social gatherings and everything in between. Good communication is about showing meaning in what we say and how we say it. A common cry heard in many interactions is: Say what you mean! It sounds so simple, but all too often, what we try to communicate gets lost in translation despite our best intentions. We say one [...]

Inner Happiness

Happiness is quite difficult to define, yet, most people are aware of whether they are happy or not. Certainly happiness is not pleasure, which is fleeting: parties, receiving a gift, a day on the beach, or, as bidden by myths of the consumerist world, the accumulation of things that we run after to recreate imagined bliss. Chasing pleasure is not happiness. Happiness is a feeling of contentment, when your life is just as it should be, when your life [...]

Dealing with Fear

Fear seems be a constant companion for most of us these days. It’s become so part and parcel of our lives, that without it, life would seem very strange indeed. Yet, when it comes, it creates the havoc of anxiety and doubt, sabotaging our joy, enthusiasm and determination, resulting in poor attitudes and performance, not to mention a plethora of health issues. Everything seems to be set up for us to experience fear; there are always the constant warning bells, [...]

How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways

How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways Relaxing the mind is probably the most important thing we should do every day. But how much energy and attention do we give to this essential daily practice? Once we understand that all of the stress we experience in life is created, not as it may seem, by the people around us, or the situation in which we find ourselves, but by our own response to these things, we can begin [...]


Magnetic Energy. The power to attract or repel. I think there are many deep secrets locked away inside magnetism… The Earth, our planet, is a huge magnet. Its core is iron, molten rock, and around that is a thin crust that appears to be solid and stable. But actually, the crust is quite temporary. It is shifting, drifting slowly on a bed of liquid, held together by magnetism and gravity. The magnetic shield around the Earth is, in fact, our protection from many types [...]

Peace in the Park 2015

July 2015, and you would imagine that the British Summertime would be well under way. After all, it’s all over by September anyway, right? So, sunshine should be pretty much guaranteed? Nope. No. In fact, absolutely not. The fourth weekend in July is the Summer Festival of Peace in the Park. It is a spiritual festival of music, workshops, lectures and TED style talks, all followed by a music concert, held in the beautiful grounds of the Global Retreat Centre, located in the tiny [...]

Remembrance 7.7

Last week was the memorial of the 7/7 terror bombings in London 2005. It’s been 10 years since the awfully day. It was the day after London won its bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games; such a contrast of joy and pain. Do you remember where you were 10 years ago? Do you remember what you were doing then? I do. I remember I was working in Oxford that morning of 7th July 2005. Normally, at that time, I would have been [...]


Everyone wants freedom. Would you say it was fair to say that? There are many varieties of freedom. There are plenty of opinions as to exactly what freedom entails. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Freedom of belief, or thinking. Freedom to be, or, not to be… Freedom has a high price these days, and freedom is becoming ever more elusive each day as the world becomes more and more chaotic! So, what exactly is freedom? Is ‘freedom’, to do whatever you want to do, whenever you [...]

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