Miriam Subirana

Miriam SubrianaMiriam Subirana

Miriam Subirana is an international speaker who combines leadership skills with the
use of art and creative meditation techniques which are designed to awaken and execute the creative potential of those who attend her seminars. She works actively to create a worthy and free society, based on a culture of human, ethical and spiritual values, whereby each person is able to realize all their intrinsic potential.

  • Dare to Live

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    Living without fear, living with wholeness, this increases our quality of life. It brings happiness. Because fear acts as a brake and prevents you from doing what you want to do it doesn’t allow your energy to flow and weakens your wellbeing and health in general.

  • Who Rules In Your Life?

    5 out of 5

    You can live every moment of your life knowing how to choose good and benificial thoughts, and protect yourself from negative influences. You can do it by becoming aware of the way you think. Learning this process (and it”s not hard) will enable you to lay the foundation of a true, positive change in your life.

  • Live In Freedom

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    To live in freedom is to embrace life. To let go of the reins and know how to use them. To achieve your goals.

  • Creativity To Reinvent Your Life

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    Creativity is a gift that each one of us has.


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