How to bring positive change into your life

The mind is a very powerful tool and thoughts can be used to trigger visualisation which triggers the power to discern. This depends on our focus and our consciousness. When we concentrate with the power of the mind and intellect through visualisation together with the attitude of determination, then success is guaranteed.

I attended a class on “everything you needed to know in meditation” and I have learned that visualisation gives us the power of discernment and improves our concentration. Having passion for what you do is the best way to yield positive results.

We should not take any action if we are not feeling good. This will result in negative karma.

When we are not happy with any action, pause and think, “where am I going wrong?” We are ‘vibrational beings’ and our vibrations are very powerful and nearly 90,000 souls are influenced by our attitude in our meditation. Thoughts travel around the world in one fifth of a second. Unified String Theory states that, at the basis of all matter there are minuscule vibrating strings that create vibrating particles. This means that our vibrations travel far and wide.

If we create a negative experience by default, we are creating the same scenario again in the future. We need to stand back from the condition to perceive another response. The creative cause is our feelings. If I reflect on my past negative experiences and feel something negative in the present this creates similar experiences in the very near future.

This means that you can either go into an upward positive spiral or a downward negative spiral.

Thought is the most creative energy. 17 seconds of any feeling releases 2,000 hours of action energy. If we keep this feeling for 34 seconds, this releases 20, 000 hours of action energy. Therefore it’s always better to think the process before jumping into action. Hold a good feeling for over a minute and have clear intentions, before proceeding to take any action.

Use the 69 second rule to find out what you are resisting. It is an emotional ladder.

The feelings you go through are a range from the following:

‐Bliss and freedom

‐Love, joy and appreciation

‐Peace and wisdom

‐Forgiveness and acceptance

‐Sadness and blame

‐Ego and anger

‐Shame and guilt

‐Fear and despair

There is often fluctuation between what I want and what I believe. If we are fuzzy in what we want this creates fuzziness in the outcome also. For things to go well, you just need to create a determined thought that a higher energy is taking care of it and have faith in this thought.

I have been experimenting with this idea in my life and have found it to work. I am currently on an upward spiral simply through the power of meditation which is attracting positive events in my life such as gifts, care and opportunities.

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By Jasween Dogra and Divya Shah


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