Healing Our Earth – Nourishing body and soul – Vegetarian pure cooking

In today’s information age, we are continually bombarded with details about the physical aspects of what we eat and the effects that different ingredients may or may not have, and naturally this is important. But in this welter of information, we tend to overlook one crucial factor: the consciousness of the person cooking and the…

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‘Live Well with Happier Cooking and Eating’

Tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes from our event ‘Live Well with Happier Cooking and Eating’ 29th July 2018 GCH, London WATERMELON AND FRESH MINT JUICE Ingredients *Watermelon, chilled and chopped into large pieces, some with rind, some without *Fresh Mint with large stems remove Method for Juicing Process in a juicer, one half of the…

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