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Overcoming Negative Influences

Question: How can we stop the negative influence of people who are close to us and enable them to change their thinking pattern? Answer: This is a curious question. I don’t know if you have ever made the attempt to change anyone.  I don’t believe I have met anyone who has been successful in that effort.  In fact, it is possible to expend a great deal of time and energy in such pursuits, without getting any success. If you feel someone is having a [...]

Full of all virtues

Right now I am focusing on being full of all virtues and full of all powers.  I think self-respect is the most important as it will clear all other obstacles and if you can see your own good qualities you will be happy all the time. All virtues can be obtained from staying peaceful in any situation. With the virtue of peace all other virtues are developed. To stay peaceful, one technique is soul consciousness. Another powerful technique is God [...]

Making a small change everyday

Have you noticed how time is flying these days? It never used to be like this, did it? There seems to be an acceleration or quickening each day, and that’s why I feel  it’s more important now than ever before, to make a small change, for the better, every day. (That’s Every Day) I ask myself at the end of each day, “What did I do well today?”, and I wait for the answer. It does come if you create enough space for [...]

Recognising International Women’s day

Recognising International Women’s day   In our life we are all in contact with women, in fact our first contact was the minute we entered the womb. With this my mind you can say that women give life. Life is so precious that we need to value each moment we have. To value we need to utilize each moment to bring positivity, happiness, love and more peace in today’s world where people have forgotten the value of their lives. The opportunity to [...]

Is Mindfulness Enough?

Mindfulness, an awareness of everyday living, creates the capacity to see how one’s thoughts, words, feelings and actions impact and create our reality. One of the aims of mindfulness is to create new possibilities for betterment and new horizons of understanding. Mindfulness cherishes the value of being and enhances its respect. However, is mindfulness enough in order to increase personal and collective well-being? It is certainly a huge step and to be esteemed, however, when it is aligned to “heartfulness,” [...]

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