‘Coming and Going’

 It’s what we do.

‘Coming and Going’.

It’s the rhythm of life itself.

Have you ever noticed that we are either coming or going?

Here and there, back and forth, to and from, from and to, even.

It’s also happening on all levels in the physical world. From the spinning of the neutrons, electrons and protons around the nucleus of an atom, the movement of the Earth on its axis, the orbits, or comings and goings of the planets, the planes of the galaxies around the centre of the Universe, if there is one? Everything is about coming and going.

But what about stillness…?

Stillness, or silence, is power.

It is the launch pad of movement, the generator of creation, the inspiration of ideas, and the source of decision.

I love silence, or, stillness, but when I ask myself how long do I stay in this tranquillity, I don’t like the answer that comes…

Even when it comes to our journey in our own body.

We ‘come’ into our bodies at the beginning of this part of our journey, and we ‘go’ from it at a certain time, onto the next leg of our experience.

We seem to be driven, like the Bus, to move from one place to another.

Is there an end to it?

What exactly are we doing?

Constantly moving, coming and going continually in motion…?

Last week I watched a perfect Sun set over the ocean in Portugal, and couldn’t resist mentioning to the eleven-year-old daughter of a good friend of mine, as the three of us walked along the beach, that the setting Sun is not actually moving  but it’s us that are moving. As the very words were ‘coming’ from a thought-form and ‘going’ into sound I realised that this is not completely true…, (oops, bit of mis-information there) so I continued my statement by trying to build the bigger picture of Space and Time into my observation for my young friend! (Can you see how brain-washed we are, it’s habitual, ‘coming and going’ thoughts, they just somehow escape from our minds!)

I did however make sure I corrected my explanation so as not to programme my initial limited idea into the sponge-like intellect of the youngster. I felt a little foolish as her innocence and purity mirrored my arrogance in a way that made me feel quite uncomfortable.

At another level, the elections are ‘coming’, good times are ‘coming’, we’re told. One party will be ‘going’ to become the opposition. We are ‘coming’ out of recession and ‘going’ into better times. The future is ‘coming’ and the present is ‘going’ to become the past.

This ‘coming and going’ is not just physical but conceptual as well.

It’s an idea that is instilled in us as we look at the linear perspective of time that is conditioned into us at a young age, and then reinforced at every moment, and in every way, to trap us into a limited understanding of reality.

Time is rhythm.

Musicians speak of keeping in ‘time’. The Bus needs to stay ‘on time’ and healing, on an emotional, mentally and physically level all takes place ‘with time’.

So how does ‘stillness’ work in amongst this ‘coming and going’ and how is it connected to time?

If I stand back, remain still in mind and action, it’s much easier to know what the right thing to do is at any given moment. Stillness is opportunity, or potential for greatness to become apparent. It’s silence that empowers, and instils courage and strength.

“Don’t think”, this is the best advice I was ever given by a very experienced 100-year-old Yogini (that’s a female Yogi). She said, “You people think too much”, and of course I instantly reacted in my mind, thinking, “…well, yes, I have to think, otherwise how can I survive…?”

‘Stillness of the mind’, is what she meant, just allow things to come  to you, hold an open space, rather than forcing your mind in order to control, or manipulate an outcome.

(And anyway, how do we know what is the ‘best’ outcome in the long run, if we are constantly thinking and missing the present moment of ‘stillness’?)

‘Coming and Going’ is our way of distracting ourselves and others, covering up, or smoke-screening the truth, and we are not only good at it, but addicted to it. It’s the ultimate weapon in blocking our own consciousness, and the consciousness of others.

But you know what?

Now is our chance to break through it.

Conquer ‘coming and going’ by integrating stillness and silence into the ‘coming and going’, with the awareness of knowing the true spiritual self, soul, as a being of light, and the driver of your own body, and by staying awake to the many distractions of life.

Just try a little bit of meditation, reflection or relaxation every now and then.

This seems to be the antidote for our obsession with coming and going I have found.

You can even practice it while coming and going, it’s a paradox, ha, ha, 🙂

Be still, even if it’s just for 5 seconds, in the midst of coming and going, and then take a new look at life.

It’s worth it…you’re worth it.

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