Consider yourself to be God’s property

As a child my main concern was always to do well in my studies so that I could get a good job and help my family out of poverty. I never really thought much about character and sticking to your principles and was never lucky enough to be educated in this although I was a very honest person.

As Modi is about to make a visit to the UK, the UK Brahma Kumaris bid farewell to one of their senior brothers who returns to India. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, is arguably one of the top ten people most important people in the world as he is in charge of the world’s third most powerful countries according to purchasing power.  The senior Brahma Kumaris brother, Surya bhai, is a very powerful yogi who has been practicing and teaching meditation since the 1960s. He is a highly sought after speaker and is used to speaking to large audiences of hundreds and thousands.

Both are in very in high positions in their respective organisations and have clearly had a very spiritual upbringing. I believe this is their main reason for success as spirituality provides a solid foundation. There is a saying:

“If you consider yourself to be God’s invaluable property then there will always be spirituality in your actions.”

If you consider yourself to be invaluable to God then you will know that He will take care of all your pure desires. You will know that you can be carefree, worry free, tension free and stress free. It means instead of thinking about survival and competition you will be thinking about how to make yourself a better person and how you can help others. So you will start collecting virtues and powers.

If you consider yourself to be invaluable to God you will know that He considers you to be very precious and special so you will never feel down about yourself, have low self-esteem and will have a lot of confidence. When others insult you, you will not be affected as you will know your true value.

So imagine how lucky I felt to have been spotted by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University seven years ago. I have been able to stop worrying about money, have faith in myself and God, enjoy better relationships with other people and know how to be of benefit to the whole universe.

I have found all the answers to all of my problems – the university is full of knowledgeable people – both the students and teachers are full of spiritual wisdom – how neat is that! Not only that but by learning this ancient meditation technique the brain has grown so I don’t have to rely on anyone for the answers to my obstacles. As well as knowing how to look after my family, I now know how to look after the whole world. And you know the best thing, this university is free of charge. Having found God, what more could I ask for in life? God wants to be my friend and has head hunted me for the role of a hero actor in the world. This is something you would not even dream of!

And you can also do the same! So what are you waiting for? Get meditating.

You can find out more about the virtues we at the Brahma Kumaris are developing in our book written by our seniors called Living Our Values.


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