Create a “Team spirit” to be sucessful

The successful industrialist of the world, Henry Ford, gives the credit of his life’s success to the team spirit and says that – “Getting together is the beginning of progress towards success, staying together is the development and working together is the beginning of success.”

 The achievements of any institution, organisation or association are the result of the joint and organised efforts of each of its employees. If someone believes that this organisation is running because of me, then that is an illusion. Every person in any organisation is like a link in a chain. If even a single link of the chain is weak, then the chain can break any time.

What is an Organisation? Organisation means people doing some work together. For example: Cricket team, construction team, industry, etc.

 What does team spirit mean? The feeling of everyone working together for a common goal is team spirit.

What does Teamwork mean? If the effort and achievement of each individual is directed towards the goal of the organisation, then it is teamwork.

What is team building? Team building is the process of enabling people gathered in an organised form to reach their goals. To achieve success, it is very important to create a sense of organisation. Many things have been said about this – “Cooperation will lead to prosperity”, “Partners, lets lift the burden together, as one person alone doing it will get tired”, “Unity in diversity”, etc.  

Golden principles for team building :-

  • Keep meeting everyone in between. Set the goal, prepare an action plan for collective effort to achieve the goal and move forward.
  • Empowerment, knowledge enhancement and continuous development of everyone in the organisation, this will continuously increase the efficiency of the organisation and bring more achievements.
  • In the organisation, every person, even if he is not a leader, the qualities of a leader are necessary for the success of the organisation. The one who listens to everyone, inspires enthusiasm in everyone, has dedication, appreciates the deeds of others, respects others and is respected by people, considers any achievement as the achievement of the organisation, is a true leader.
  • The leader of the organisation should be long-sighted, who can strengthen the organisation through positive and constructive leadership. Maintain contact and communication with all, manage efficiently and handle the situation effectively, organise training camps to develop communication skills of every member of the organisation and use modern communication methods for effective communication.
  • The one who works, there is also a possibility of making a mistake, so if a mistake is made, do not panic, do not be disappointed, but learn something from the mistake made. Be alert so that the mistake does not happen again and if a mistake is made, apologize to the organisation, then your credibility will be maintained.
  • Everyone needs to be creative, proactive and innovative for the strength and development of the organisation.
  • Appreciate everyone’s work. If you want to bring attention to someone’s mistake, first appreciate his characteristics or work and then draw attention to his mistake. Encourage him to rectify the mistake by giving him a feeling of being on his side. If you want to draw attention to someone’s mistake, then do that immediately, do not delay, as delay is dangerous. Be clear and firm while pointing out a mistake, stay calm and don’t react.
  • Be genuine and committed towards your work and organization. Loyalty and commitment are very important for organisation building.
  • Every member of the organisation should encourage each other and maintain the unity of the organisation.
  • Create such a spirit in the organisation that every member of the organisation desires and strives for the victory of the entire team.
  • Keep thinking that my victory lies in the victory of the team. The longing for individual victory can break the spirit of the organisation.
  • To maintain a healthy team, stay away from the feeling of Ph.D. (Pull Him Down). Trying to drag someone’s feet can weaken the organisation. Stay away from trying to humiliate anyone.
  • The spirit of organisation and unity are the music of harmony. The practice of Raja Yoga based on spiritual principles can help a lot to imbibe all the above mentioned characteristics in life for the development of the spirit of organisation.
  • You can contact Brahma Kumaris Rajayoga Meditation centre for courses they offer.

May you always be organised, happy and satisfied.

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