Create the Right Vibe

We now know that everything in the universe is pulsating constantly. It’s perhaps easy to understand that flowers and foliage are vibrating energy, but are you also aware that the matter, which makes up the chair you are sitting on is also vibrating, plus the teacup you are holding, plus the table beside you? The lights and television and all of the gadgets that you have around you are also emitting energy – are we conscious of the different frequencies around us and how they affect us?

When we step into a temple, a church or a mosque, we are invariably affected and usually uplifted by the vibrations that have been created by years or even centuries of worship and well-intentioned thoughts. Contrast that with the experience of a busy shopping mall, where we are most likely to end up feeling drained and exhausted very quickly.

Vibrations between humans are like unspoken words that either attract us toward someone, or repel us. If we are not selective about the people or vibrations we choose to surround ourselves with, we will be a victim to all manner of energy fields that could disrupt our inner peace and create a discord in our life.

If we were able to witness just how many waves are passing through the air and our skies and through our bodies at any given moment of time we may be alarmed at the amount of unseen activity that is affecting our state of health and well being.

One wonders if the increase in anger and violence could be connected with the increase in the number of electromagnetic waves created by cell phones, telephone towers, power grid lines and more?

Since thoughts are the building blocks for our attitude, our feelings, our moods, our personality, our self-respect (or lack of it), our level of contentment (or lack of it), it can be said that the seed of vibrations are our thoughts. If we create negative thoughts we emit negative vibrations and positive thoughts create positive vibrations.

With our thoughts, good and bad, we can create a corresponding world of chaos or a world of peace.

We may even be guilty of perpetrating negative energy ourselves. Malicious or envious feelings towards others are a form of violence, which others can pick up on, consciously or unconsciously.

Each thought has its own frequency, and the yogi soul is aware to only create thoughts that are of the best, the highest frequency, knowing too well that they ripple out into the world. The aim of a spiritual aspirant should be to create only the best and most elevated thoughts, which influence and elevate the atmosphere around him or her.

It takes time and concerted effort to create the right vibration, just as it takes time to hit the right note on the piano or guitar. But if we practice frequently being still and tranquil in mind and body, then with time, we can create the vibration we want and orchestrate the outcome we want.

The highest frequencies are the spiritual vibrations that are powerful and at the same time extremely subtle. These emerge from an intense state of meditation and positive thought, and having a clean heart, clear vision n pure attitude. The aim of a spiritual path is to raise our vibration by connecting with the Highest of all – the Divine.

It’s time… to uplift our vibration, one thought at a time. It is not enough simply to avoid the negative vibes. We need to ripple out waves of positivity and peace. When we are all tuned in to this elevated energy we can then create a symphony of pure and powerful vibrations that can change the world.

‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, Inspired Stillness London

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    Omshanti divine soul
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