Creating a non-violent community

Recently the safety of women has come to the frontline in the news and this is because we are still experiencing threats to our lives due to the growth of vice. However if we understand who we really are, that is a spiritual being made-up of values we would never come to see such actions that cause harm to one another. 

In truth, this lack of awareness of our own self and self value has caused an extremely unsafe community to live in. So how can we make it safe for everyone and how can I as an individual contribute?

We can do this by going within and connecting with our inner being. Understanding the energy that dwells in the physical body is the driver, the one who is in control. It is to know that I am originally a pure and peaceful soul. The body functions as the ground, and the soul is the living seed, the living energy, pure being of light, with strength and power in it. But we have been taught to use the body more and more.  Once we recognise this then take the next step to become viceless. I cannot become viceless  without becoming virtuous. In order to become virtuous I need re-emerge the purity that I once was. 

There is also the philosophy of karma that needs attention. If I do good in return that’s what I get and of course this applies both ways. Therefore I need to be awake, that is aware of what I am thinking , saying and doing. Kenneth Ring is an authority on out-of-body experiences. He wrote in his book Lessons from the Light many such stories relating to how what we inflict on others we are inflicting the same onto ourselves. He had researched near death experiences in depth and mentions how everything you send out, returns.This means if I cause pain to someone through anger and violence I will experience the same pain on myself later at the point of death. He mentions in his articles how this changes the way we review justice. “Everything you do becomes yours. It is not that we are rewarded for our good deeds or punched by our cruel one; it is simply that we receive back what we have given out, and exactly as we have done.” 

Therefore based on this, violence of any sort should never be an option.  When I use my mind to think, I need to put a mental filter to ensure I am thinking good and positive thoughts this in turn changes to sweet words that complement instead of criticise and pure actions that offer peace and respect rather than that which causes sorrow and harm to myself or others. Purity is natural and equal with everyone. Flowers give fragrance to everyone equally. The sun shines equally for everyone. When purity is natural, my action is neutral, natural and pure, and is constant. To be vice-less means to be all virtuous, that is the beauty of the soul. Purity is the mother of all virtues, so with complete purity, not only I become good, I am a donor of virtues by inspiring others to be good, and giving that goodness to others. 

Free Magazine : Includes an article written by Kenneth Ring (page 3-6)

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