How to deal with ill treatment

How to deal with ill treatment

Abuse in the workplace and at home is very common these days. There are different types of abuse – physical, verbal and emotional. I recently discovered that I was abused in my childhood. It came as a bit of a shock to me and now I am trying to deal with it.

Always remember that situations will happen in life and such situations can make us stronger. It is best to stay positive and see what you can learn from the situation.

Try to understand yourself and see what your needs are from the other person and give that to yourself. The situation has made me realise that I have been looking for love and approval from human beings all my life instead of cultivating self-love and climbing onto God’s heart throne. Only God is able to offer me the unconditional love I’ve been looking for. It is NOT possible for human beings to give us totally unconditional love. This basically means I need to do the inner work. Spirituality teaches us to stay in self-respect and to follow the principle of independence – I need nothing from no-one.

So what can you do to change the situation?

It is necessary to become more powerful than the abuser to make it stop. A powerful soul is one who is full of goodness and a source of upliftment for others. Those who abuse others are not powerful.

It is all karmic of course and it is necessary to understand that you might have abused that soul in some way, perhaps unintentionally or perhaps there is a misunderstanding, and that is why they abuse you. It is best not to go into the whys and what’s but simply to find a solution.

We cannot change others but we can be the change we want to see. That’s power. We can become very powerful through meditation. The best time to meditate is between 4am and 4.45am. If you can be up before 4am and get started early then that is even better.

It is good to be a leader and not copy others – do what you think is right. The founder of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Brahma Baba, was a phenomenal leader.

Here are a few of his mental habits which you can follow to help you become more powerful.

  1. Have faith in the intellect and become a carefree emperor: We worry when there is a lack of attainment or when something is missing. Wherever there are all attainments and the Almighty Authority there is no question of worry.
  2. Practise creating a soul conscious vision and attitude: Look at others as the soul, the living energy in the centre of the forehead, instead of looking at the body. This is a very powerful technique to create a feeling of equality and respect.
  3. With the awareness of nothing new, constantly be the conqueror of obstacles: Time is cyclic and so history will repeat itself every 5000 years. By keeping this in your intellect you can be the detached observer. The drama is beneficial and obstacles are there to help you move forward.
  4. Constantly be accurate and alert: Whatever you have to do, do it now. If not now, then never.
  5. Constantly have positive thoughts, good wishes and pure feelings for everyone. By being a well-wisher of everyone you don’t create any enemies and serve the whole world.

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