Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

BBC Documentary ‘Beaten by my Boyfriend’ (first screened 25 March 2015)

Watching the above documentary, made me wonder about our society.  The programme did not come to any clear conclusion about why domestic violence is reaching epidemic proportions.  violence’ and ‘domestic ‘are two words which should not co-habit !  Whatever the cruel world has in store for us outside our front doors, within our homes it is natural to expect and enjoy feelings of comfort and well-being.


Conversations with some of the perpetrators in the documentary clarified that feelings of insecurity are a major factor behind domestic violence and that anger emerges from it because it is in some way more tangible and can be more easily expressed (albeit inappropriately).

So why in our relatively affluent country are more and more of us blighted by feelings of insecurity?  Actually affluence or poverty does not appear to make a difference.  The documentary did not address this question about the source of insecurity.

Could the answer to this dilemma actually be a spiritual one?

Spirituality can shed light on the inner mechanisms of thoughts and feelings in a very real and practical way.

Could it simply be that insecurity in epidemic proportions can be traced back to the loss of understanding of our higher spiritual reality?  For example in our deepest moments of insecurity, we can become lost, confused, overwhelmed by feelings of say jealousy and we lose the capacity for inner dialogue….. we don’t have the spiritual road map to lead us out of this state of confusion….. the result is an explosion of anger….. and even worse – violence.

If we had a thought map to refer to….  an inner reference point to steady our thoughts and feelings in testing moments surely it would be possible to transform our reactions in a second.

One person in the documentary (an anger group facilitator) commented that it IS possible for people to change their behaviours but only if they really want to.

This transformational spiritual information is available for those who seek it.  Perhaps Mike George’s ‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Wise’ might be a good place to start?

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