Excess Baggage

When we travel from one place to another, be it city to city or one country to another, one major element besides the ticket or passport is baggage! Ever notice how we check what allowance we have even before booking or buying the ticket? Most of us are pretty familiar with the rules that also go with baggage allowance and we definitely try to stay within or to the limit allocated. But many a times we find we fall into the trap of excess baggage!

Sometimes we shuffle and shift things in the hope of carrying everything with us avoiding paying for the excess weight! So this gets me thinking, what about the excess weight of waste that we carry in our lives! On the physical side we may have excess items that we keep perhaps in case of emergency or in case we can never find another or same thing again. We just accumulate a lot of things over the years and most of the time don’t even realise how much we have until we need to move out! Of course what helps here is decluttering, simplifying one’s life and if we really want to, we can practice being a minimalist. In this way we reduce the excess on the physical level.

Nowadays doctors are also encouraging us to loose excess body weight for sound health. Going to the gym, walking or any form of exercise and diet are encouraged to help in shedding off that excess weight. So what about the mental level? We definitely carry huge amounts! We could be holding onto pain from past experiences, attachments, expectations, wasteful mindless thinking that takes up mental space.

We also tend to carry a whole lot of emotional baggage, holding onto certain habits, wrong or ill habits, old ways, limiting beliefs, people’s opinions and comments. We hold onto disappointments, and fears as well as deep emotional wounds. We need to let go so that we can create space for new ways and ideas.

Letting go is like dropping a baggage of negative energies that has become stronger and heavier each day, weighing us down. So we need to pack up these old ways, so we can accommodate new ways of thinking, behaving and being. We need to realign our live to the present moment, in this way it becomes easier to release the past, refrain from worrying about the future knowing that what really matters, is the now.

How much mental, emotional baggage are you carrying? What’s weighing you down? Asking these extremely relevant questions will shift the heavy energy, presenting an opportunity to shed of the waste and unnecessary baggage. So the next time you step out or into your home, check what mental baggage you are carrying. It is wise to travel light, through the journey of life, carrying only what is useful and required. Happy travels!

Here is a meditation to help reduce the excess baggage we sometimes carry. 


About Janita Hargoven

An avid practitioner of Raja yoga meditation, who has incorporated spirituality as a lifestyle for over 23 years. Plays an active role at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and is part of the national coordinating team for Zimbabwe for over 10 years. As a professional holistic health therapist uses spirituality to help bring a complete balance of wellbeing. Whilst teaching yoga and meditation with great zeal and enthusiasm encouraging all who come into contact to experience a healthy peaceful life.

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