Freedom – Part 1a


Everything out there in the physical world is neutral. It is what it is. A car is a car. A dress is a dress. Any value judgement is a projection of opinion. “This is a nice dress.” Nice is a value judgement which I have projected onto the dress. The “nice” value is not an inherent part of the dress. The dress is simply a dress. Different people might not even find the dress nice at all.

Everything out there is neutral but it is useful to see everything as good. A rose bud is a perfect rose bud. A rose in full bloom is a perfect rose in full bloom. But a fading and dying rose is also a perfect fading and dying rose.

With this attitude I do not get caught up in the trap of projecting my values onto the things that surround me and then identifying with that value. The trap is that I see my house, my car, my job as having value for me and I identify with that value. But I am not a car or a house or clothes or jewellery. That value is only in my mind, it is not a part of the house, the car or anything that I call mine.

I am a human being and my value comes from my inner qualities and virtues. Consequently, if I place my value on external things there will be fear of loss, fear of criticism and a constant feeling of insecurity because I cannot control what the circumstances of life may bring – loss – nor can I control other people – criticism.

Of course we need clothes and houses and cars and so on but if I can adopt the attitude of a trustee I will use and look after all these things without having any dependency on them because I do not measure my worth by identifying with the “my” value of ownership.

This is freedom.

Live In Freedom

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