Gaining Inner Power

I joined an engineering course as a university student, choosing engineering mainly for the good salary. I studied engineering up to PhD level at one of the world’s top universities and ended up with depression and no friends. I then decided I would work in the Education sector instead. I am now much happier and enjoy a much better quality of life even though I earn less money. What made me change my mind? I decided I could no longer live a lie and do a job “just for the money”. My spirit awakened and I realised I needed a job where I was working amongst people with common values, where I could use my true talents to improve the lives of many and where I could develop myself at the same time.

By thinking about others as well as ourselves. i.e. thinking about what is truly good for me and the rest of the world I can become more powerful and really take charge of my life and get people to listen to what I have to say. Real power means staying peaceful no matter what and being able to exercise good actions. When we change, the world changes with us. The more good deeds we do, the more powerful we become. And the opposite is true of our bad deeds.

We have to stop and listen to our inner voice and make sure that every action and thought we are doing is right for the world. People are becoming more isolated and some people in society are being neglected and so end up committing crimes on small and large scale due to a change in the belief system. In their heart of hearts I’m sure that they know what they are doing is wrong but by then it is too late and they have already been sucked into a criminal set of values due to bad company, childhood tragedy or influences by the media.

Through meditation I have learned not to blame others for my status in the world nor blame others for my failures or the family I was born into. Everything is my karma and I am getting the return of my previous birth. Everything I get is a manifestation of “I”, the soul.

Something else I have learned is that there is no such thing as luck. Everything is due to my own efforts. I create good or bad karma due to the thoughts and actions I perform. We get the karmic return very quickly. It is not that I will be working hard in this birth and seeing the reward in the next birth, no, I get the reward of peace and happiness here and now.

So all I have to keep doing is performing selfless acts…as long as they don’t put me or anyone else in danger or are illegal or dishonest they will bring me treasures of joy.

You can find out more about how to regain your inner power by reading the book written by Aruna Ladva, “It’s time for Self Empowerment”

If you want to know more about karma, you can listen to Sister Jayanti’s informative CD, Understanding Karma

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