Having a relationship with God

Before coming into spiritual knowledge I always used to remember God as my Father and these days I practice God as my Mother and as the Almighty Authority as well. I tend to use the Master Almighty Authority when I’m at work in school to help me remain powerful. I find it works most effectively when I am following all the Godly principles and I believe that it is to do with how much you remember God with faith, love and peace.

Recently I started writing to God every night and telling Him what I have done well and about my mistakes. Since then I have noticed a change in my life and have noticed an improvement in my attitude. I look at others much less and I focus on making myself full of virtues. I know that God listens to me and that He is helping me to improve. By communicating with God in this way I get a good night’s sleep.

By experiencing God’s love you can become independent from others. This is one of things I am working on at the moment. With the power that comes from God’s love, you can experience success.

Lately my favourite way of remembering God is as the Mother. I find this form very effective and I always find someone will come along and give me unconditional love. I try to remind myself that God loves me unconditionally and that He is always seeing my special qualities and virtues. When I remember God as my Mother, I can accept situations in life very easily.

During classes I attend on Spirituality I enjoy remembering God as my Teacher and I notice this helps my intellect to grow and develop.

Some people blame God for the bad things that happen to them and have a bad relationship with God in this way. At the Brahma Kumaris they teach karma as one of the spiritual principles of life. I have never blamed God for anything in my life but began to wonder about His existence in my university days. I was really happy to find out that He really exists!

I now wish to know God more deeply and I enjoy my relationship with Him very much at home and at work and feel that He helps me when I remember Him. In order to get closer to God I believe we have to eliminate waste thoughts and create a benevolent personality.

When I want blessings from God I remember God as the Satguru. There have been occasions in my life when I have felt God’s hand of blessings on my head and I hope you can experience the same!

In order to connect to God we need a clean and clear intellect. I find that when I create negative thoughts about somebody I cannot connect to God. The Brahma Kumaris teach that we should always keep good wishes towards everyone. I find that not getting too involved in anyone else’s life and not getting too close to others either (which promotes attachment) also helps me to stay close to God.

So go ahead and enjoy a deeper relationship with the One above!

Some knowledge from this blog was taken from the book written by Dadi Janki – “Is There Another Way?”


  1. Dee on 7th December 2015 at 2:44 pm

    I am in knowledge but don’t know how to have a relationship with the bodiless One, just a connection. I know there is a difference and I too want to experience the relationships. Can you provide some suggestions? Om shanti

    • Jasween on 13th December 2015 at 9:39 am

      Relationships is a two way communication and you can always rely on His to give you the return, you don’t need to ask or beg. Simply take on the responsibility to change yourself.

      One way to have a relationship with the One is to be obedient to Him and follow His directions. When you follow His directions you will definitely make progress in your life and get a good result either through an improvement in self development of the mind, intellect and sanskars, health, wealth or relationships.

      Another thing you can do is write to Him every day about your achievements and mistakes. He will definitely give you a response in some way or other, even if it is through another human being.

      You can also talk to Him throughout the day, tell Him what you are doing and how you feel. He knows anyway but in doing so the relationship will feel more real. Appreciate the things that God has given you, the blessings in your life, and that will help you to stay connected. Think about how God has revealed Himself to you in the different forms.

      Remember when you take one step of courage, the Father takes a thousand steps more to help you.

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