How to change the energy in your life

Sometime we get stuck in a rut, doing the same old routine and meeting with the same old people. This can make the energy in our life stagnant. But you could be carrying out the same routine every day and make progress internally by changing the energies in your life. Energies are just vibrations and are carried by each of the five elements – earth, air, fire, water and ether. They get transferred from atom to atom.

The most powerful and influential vibrations are pure vibrations, free from lust, anger, greed, anger and attachment.

About six months ago my mum passed away and since then the energies in my life have been quite different. I was not very much aware of the different energies in my life before then and the effect that my mum had on me and it has made me more aware of the different vibrations in my life.

Thought energy is one main aspect, which affects the vibrations of the soul.
One’s attitude is important here- we need to have a spiritual attitude, which means that

*you consider yourself a soul and not the body – I have been practicing this and have found it protects me from any negative vibrations in the atmosphere and helps me to stay peaceful

*see others as a soul

*only seeing the specialities in others and the self – I have been practicing this one as well and it helps me to stay positive and create good karma with others. Being respectful towards others creates harmony.

*see the benefit in everything that happens to you

*have the attitude that nothing belongs to me including people and possessions

*Don’t have expectations of the future

*Stay in the present and let go of the past

*Keep your mind and intellect connected with the Supreme and His energy will flow in your life. This is done by having all relationships with the One Father and by churning on spiritual truths. This is the way to create an upward spiral in your life and there is great benefit in thinking about these things. Good concentration is required for this.

Staying positive, having pure thoughts and not focussing on events which have happened to you will help you to stay connected with the Supreme.

Remember: Where thoughts go energy flows
The administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris, senior yogini Dadi Janki was once given the title of the most stable mind in the world by scientists from the University of Texas’ Medical and Science Research Institute in 1978.

Her secret is the acceptance of the self, drama and others. Whatever happened in the past was good, whatever is happening now is even better and what will happen in the future is best.

Thoughts are all connected with:

Food – try eating pure food cooked in God’s remembrance. I eat full vegetarian food, which has no onion or garlic and very little spice, known as Satvic food

Avoid eating sugary food as this will make you feel hyperactive and make you feel low once the sugar rush has worn off. It is better to have food with natural sugars such as fruit.

No alcohol or cigarettes is another must as these cause intoxication based on chemicals.

No perfume is another solution as this causes body consciousness.

Company: Be around people who are spiritual minded, who are making effort to improve their character, who are soul conscious. When we share eye contact with other people, energy gets transferred.

What we see around us has a big impact on our thoughts.

Environment: Cleanliness and being in a clutter free environment helps one to be at peace and connect with God.

Activity: aim to create peace for others through divine activities such as promoting and sharing Spiritual knowledge,  cooking food in soul conscious and God conscious, Spiritual service, doing a job with the aim of putting others closer to God and bringing happiness into their lives. It does not have to be something done in God’s home, the main thing is that the activity is done with a pure heart and in soul consciousness and in God’s remembrance.

Whatever action you do, do it for the Supreme and your higher self.

So why not try out any one of these ideas and tell us at Inspired Stillness how you get on.

You can get more ideas and in depth knowledge of how to reinvent your life in the book called “Creativity to Reinvent your Life” by Miriam Subirana.

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