How to get more harmony in your life

Around Christmas time I received a special blessing from God through a senior at the Brahma Kumaris. The blessing was that I would claim a very high status in heaven. Since then I have had a very good relationship with God but now I have hit an obstacle with the world. Ego….

When I look at others all I generally see are good qualities but when God tells you that you have a very high status then how do you interact with others? I’ve now decided that the best thing to do is to see everybody as your equal and see everybody as important. Remember that God loves everybody the same.

In order to get harmony in your life look at others remember their good qualities. Everybody has one speciality or other and you just need to keep that in your mind when somebody does something wrong to you or does not treat you in the way you wish to be treated. Another thing that helps me is to remind myself of their highest stage. This brings benefit to both.

Keep telling yourself that your purpose is to give something and not to take. Be selfless.

I get upset when I give something to another soul and that soul still responds negatively to me. On such occasions one has to remind oneself that this means there is still an account to be settled. We want instant results but you need to be patient and have inner strength to keep responding in the right way and not get depressed.

Now that I have faith that one day I will get peace and happiness in my life I have the Godly intoxication that I’m a fortunate one. I believe that things HAVE to change for me.  An astrologer once told me that my fortune is my family, and I’ve found this to be very true. I have an amazing family in that they accept me for who I am and have unconditional love for me. This has helped me to excel in life. Now that my mum is no longer with me, life is getting tough and that contentment is not there. It’s now up to me to create that unconditional love in my interactions which is not easy when you keep getting criticism due to your karmic accounts.

So now I’ve decided the best thing is to regain control over the mind and work hard to keep seeing the goodness in others even when they are not giving me anything.

My fortune lies with my karmas and God so if I make the effort then I can create a good ending to my story. I believe that my mind is very powerful and I just have to use it in the right way.

You can find out more about how to lead a more harmonious life by reading the book written by Neville Hodginson based on the wisdom of Dadi Janki – “I know how to live, I know how to die”.

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