How to manage your mind

The battery of the soul has been discharging with history. We used to believe that by worshipping God we would please Him and our problems would be solved. Then when our problems were not solved we would start feeling annoyed, angry and dissatisfied etc…  Recently we have started wasting our time watching TV and entertaining ourselves with computer games. We also eat junk food to make us feel good.  Now we know that we are in charge of our own destiny and just by thinking positively and taking care of the mind we can attract the best in our lives.

I personally have wasted a lot of time watching movies which has made my brain inactive and has influenced my lifestyle. I also used to be addicted to chocolate. Now that I do meditation on a regular basis I can see some difference in the way I behave and think. I am also able to concentrate more. My addiction to chocolate is going away as I find myself more content.

The first thing to do is to consider yourself to be a soul whilst performing any action. See yourself as a point of golden white light based in the centre of the forehead. The body is your vehicle. Then you will be pure whilst performing any action and will feel peaceful.

Then whilst considering yourself to be that living energy, keep your mind connected with the Divine, the source of all power, a higher power, God, who has the same identity as you the point, as he is your Father.

Think that you belong to God’s family, you are His child. His qualities are your qualities; He is giving you all that He has. He is the Ocean of peace and you are a master ocean of peace.

Sit in a peaceful place in your house every day and meditate as soon as you get up…preferably not the bedroom where you sleep because the vibrations there will put you to sleep. Tell yourself that you are a special soul, that you are loved by God and that everything is going well in your life. Think about your special qualities and the good things you have done in your life. This is called nurturing the self and will give you spiritual strength. Count your blessings and appreciate the good things in your life.

Think that you are the most fortunate soul on the planet. Tell yourself that you are a special soul. When we create positive thoughts the mind starts to think more slowly and calmly.

Spend your free time churning on spiritual knowledge… it is good to remember the One as much as possible and churning on His teachings will bring you a lot of inner peace and contentment. This is the way to get rid of waste thoughts which cause us sorrow. Churning on spiritual truths will also give us concentration power. So eventually when you hit an obstacle and you need to tell yourself that you’re a peaceful soul, it will be effective. The best way to meditate is to use visualisation. This will help you to concentrate and create positive feelings.

We need to learn to discipline the mind. This is done through meditation. Love for the One and appreciation of your fortune will help you do this.

Every hour spend five minutes creating positive thoughts as a “top up” during the day. This will help to keep you refreshed and full.

The next thing you can do is to eat well and to eat healthy food, prepared in a pure environment.  Cook your meal with love and care, in God’s remembrance, putting good vibrations into your food. Drink lots of water and juices.

Keep good company and talk to those who uplift you and care for you. When people criticize you, see it as a small thing, don’t turn it into something big. Try to understand where those who criticize are coming from. See those who criticize you as your good friends, understand that you have not become perfect yet but that you are working towards that…one day you will get there. When you are in harmony with yourself you will automatically be in harmony with others.

Managing your mind is the first step to becoming the ruler of your life. You can learn more about how to manage your mind in the book “Who rules your life?” by Miriam Subirana.


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