International Yoga Day

Last year was the first time that the world celebrated International Yoga Day officially. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi asked the world leaders to adopt an International Yoga Day, saying that by changing lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change. ”Noting that Yoga is “an invaluable gift of our ancient tradition”, he said: “It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature.”

I celebrated the day by spending it at Alexandra Palace helping the one of the organisers, the Brahma Kumaris. There was an entire day of free yoga there, a beautiful place to practice set in 196 acres of parkland. Events included activities such as laughter yoga to Boxing Yoga, face yoga to teen yoga, leading teachers from all over the world were there to share their expertise.

Connected with the Brahma Kumaris, Tony Wong an experienced meditator and movement practitioner lead “movement with Raja Yoga for the mind” in the morning. I have attended his movement exercises in Global House before and have found they are a gentle way to stimulate the body and bring natural happiness into one’s life.

In the Meditation space were special guided meditations by the Brahma Kumaris. I attended the meditations on Unconditional Giving and Being before Doing. Raja yoga meditation is all about connecting with your true identity and the highest and most supreme energy, if we are connected, we receive energy from the supreme. Then it is easy for me to send out positive energy to the world.

Through my own experiences I have learned that everybody likes to be around people who are a source of inspiration, someone who is more powerful than them who can give them strength, power and happiness.  Once you get to know people you realise that everyone has their off moments and that sometimes the happiness is just a façade. Those are the times I really want to help others, I can’t stand watching my brothers and sisters go through sorrow and pain.

I attended a couple of meditation sessions in the meditation tent at the event. The first meditation was all about the soul. We cannot give to others what we haven’t already given to ourselves. So I spent twenty minutes working on my own stage.  The meditation simply focused on the soul as a being of light. Practice of this is invaluable and will help you in the final moments where its needed most. When you connect to the Supreme with first connecting with yourself as a light being, you will start to draw energy from Him.

The second meditation session I attended was on healing relationships. The idea here is that you see the higher self of the other person, that means see them at their highest potential. Then send them peaceful and loving vibrations from the Supreme.  This is the safest and most effective method to help the other person to change towards you.

The vibrational energy at the event was very good as there was a lot of peace and happiness created. Being a peaceful gathering where all have a common goal can be a very powerful and positive experience. As well as making individual effort to reach your destination, being in a group can be more effective as it makes you aware of things which you were not aware of about yourself and also you can get the support and good wishes of the whole gathering.

If you want to experience yourself as a soul, the following CDs have commentaries which are designed to help you achieve this:

Knowing Myself – Sister Jayanti

Soul Consciousness – Gopi Patel and Yogesh Sharda

If you want to have better relationships with others, the key is to have better relationships with the self. The following CDs have commentaries which aim to help you with this:

Embracing Forgiveness – Anthony Strano

Letting Love In – Lucinda Drayton

Also Harmonising Relationships – Hindi DVD

Creating Self-Esteem –   informative talk by Sister Jayanti

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