The Jewel in the Crown

The Jewel in the Crown

In our search for love we will look in almost every corner of the world. We seek love as acceptance and approval in our many relationships. We desire the ideal love in the fiction of the perfect romance. We expect to find love in what we do, what we acquire and even in the places we go. There are always temporary satisfactions on these roads, but disappointment is also inevitable, until we realize they are dead ends.

It may take us a little time to realize that the jewel in the crown of the human spirit cannot be found anywhere but in our own heart. It was, is and always will be there, which is ‘here’! To search for love is to avoid love. Yet how are we to know this when the habit of searching is so deep and, in many ways, a perverted comfort in itself? How are we to know love, when we continue to mistakenly believe that we need to acquire it, earn it, or even win it? Intuitively we know that it is only by opening our own heart and in the giving of our self, without condition, that love can start to flow into and through our life.

Only by acts of selfless kindness, unconditional forgiveness and limitless compassion is love felt. Only by the intention to benefit ‘the other’ before the self, is love made real and realized. And yet, even this is only possible when it is not a deliberate act, when motive is innocent. The motivation ‘to love’ is not love, for love needs no motive.

It is the satisfaction of all need. When love is realized, there are no needs. In ‘reality’, there never was. Only when we can bring an end to wanting, taking, keeping and even giving in the ‘name’ of love, is the jewel in the crown able to shine again. When its light is seen it is found to be in the place where it cannot be sought and can never leave, which is here, and in the only time it can ever exist, which is now.

In that moment, all the accumulated mythologies of love fall away. In that moment the words most used in the affairs of humankind, “I love you,” are transformed from an illusion into something closer to the truth, “I am love for you.” And then into the deepest truth that words are inadequate to describe, “I am love.”

And then on to the final enlightenment, free from the need to describe, free of all concepts, simply “I am.”

And even then, beyond enlightenment, into the ‘silence of being’, a silence that both embraces and enjoins all and everything.

Such is the nature of love.

It is what ‘I am’ and it is what ‘you are’.

It is us.

IT is.

The 7 Myths about LOVE…Actually! – Mike George

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  • Rabson Banda Reply

    so elevated will share this to My fellow souls here in Zambia.

    19th April 2017 at 9:42 am

    Good message Thanks.

    14th July 2019 at 8:11 am

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