Magnetic Energy.

The power to attract or repel.

I think there are many deep secrets locked away inside magnetism…

The Earth, our planet, is a huge magnet.

Its core is iron, molten rock, and around that is a thin crust that appears to be solid and stable. But actually, the crust is quite temporary. It is shifting, drifting slowly on a bed of liquid, held together by magnetism and gravity.

The magnetic shield around the Earth is, in fact, our protection from many types of deadly rays coming from the Sun. It is this invisible magnetic force field around the planet that keeps us alive, and stops us from being incinerated.

Our bodies, are magnets.

The human body is made up of a series of electrical pulses and currents darting around the nervous system, carrying information to and from our brains, the control centre.

The consciousness that runs the brain, the control centre, is the soul. The soul is not a magnet. The soul is not physical, so is only affected by magnetic energy via its body. But it definitely is affected.

The soul is in partnership with the body when it is in the physical world, and has a responsibility to look after that body. I think that most of us realise that we need to take care of our costume, our space suit, our skin and bones. By that, I mean our body.

So, what happens when we start to put other electro-magnetic energy between the Earth and our bodies?

Yes, I am talking about WiFi.

I’m talking about mobile phones, Bluetooth, microwaves, computers, TVs, broadband, radio waves.

Well, the answer is: DISRUPTION!

The electromagnetic energy of a mobile phone being in your pocket totally shuts down the living energetic system of the body.

When I first saw this being demonstrated in an experiment, using copper divining rods, I have to admit, I was shocked!

The exchange of energy giving and receiving to and from the environment around us via our aura completely shuts down. Yes, it is temporary. It does reopen once the device is removed from our person. But, during this energy-exchange-shut-down we are disconnected from our environment, and from our empathetic response. Thus, our empathy towards others is removed. This means I am disconnected from other people, animals, nature and the Earth.

Have you ever noticed that when you are using your mobile phone, you are in another world?

I have heard that this is becoming a problem, as children and teenagers are especially affected by this energy disruption. They are getting so lost in their electrical devices that they are oblivious to their surroundings. This is causing an increase in pedestrian and road accidents.

These electrical devices need to be limited in school as well as in hospitals.

The body’s energy exchange system, when shut down, is unable to heal or repair, as it goes into a coping mechanism.

This means that our recovery from illness is severely impaired.

Not good.

Prevention and protection is the answer, as these WiFi devices are not going to go away. We just need to understand and manage the issues without fear.

I am finding that I am using my mobile as a phone less and less these days. I think this is a trend as text messaging and email, Facebook and other social media methods are on the increase.

Here are some actions you can immediately take to maintain your energetic health.

  1. Definitely keep the mobile device away from your control centre, your brain, as much as possible.
  1. Don’t carry your mobile on your body. Put it in your bag or purse.
  1. Wear a magnetic bracelet or attach a magnet to your computer or mobile for protection.
  1. Stay connected to your environment. Go for a walk in nature every now and then.
  1. Practice meditation regularly.

One last comment.

Two weeks ago, my mobile phone was in the repair shop being fixed. I was without a phone for four and a half days!

That is the longest time away from a mobile for nearly 20 years!

I can honestly say, I enjoyed it. I felt free, and alive. This was a big wake up call for me. We don’t even notice what these devices are doing to us until we take them away for a while.

Why don’t you try it for yourself.

You will actually feel greater well-being…

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