Making a small change everyday

Making a small change everyday

Have you noticed how time is flying these days? It never used to be like this, did it?

There seems to be an acceleration or quickening each day, and that’s why I feel  it’s more important now than ever before, to make a small change, for the better, every day. (That’s Every Day)

I ask myself at the end of each day, “What did I do well today?”, and I wait for the answer. It does come if you create enough space for it to show up you know… You may need a little silence, some space from business, and an open mind, but it does come. This is a meditation or reflection, and it’s good to be a detached observer when it does come. It’s not about ego, or arrogance, I’m not seeing how great I am, but simply checking myself. Also I ask, “What did I do today that I can improve upon tomorrow?”  It’s a kind of strategy to make sure that I stay aware in every moment, take responsibility, and make the most of each second.

 A very wise Yogi once said to me, “Live every day as if it’s your last…and at the same time, plan for forty years”. This is the best advice I have ever heard, as iot gives attention to every day, and indeed every moment. I mean, can you imagine if today was your last day?

You would definitely make the most of it wouldn’t you? (What would you do that day…?)

But, as well as that, plan ahead. Don’t hold on to your plans, make them, and then let go of them or change them according to your situation and the times. This flexibility is the key to lightness, in a prepared way.

Each moment really is precious.

It’s in each moment that the magic of creativity takes place. It is only now, in this very second that we make the choices that govern our future. The future really is created in the now, andthen we move into it. Our physical experience is secondary, and it’s the power of the soul, when it uses our mind, to create thoughts, that is primary.

So the question is, “What sort of future do you want to have? “ It’s up to you…

This choice that you have is for you, but also, it’s part of the collective future of all of us. We are, as I have said before, all connected, and it is only an illusion that we are separate.

So what are the small changes we can make every day?

My feelings are that it’s at the level of our thoughts that the changes need to start, and then that energy can flow into our words and actions.

1. Watch your thoughts for quality, check them. If the quality of the thought is low, or of a negative nature, then let it go, do not add energy to it or focus on it.

2. Any thoughts to do with comparison, judgement or competition, are draining you of energy, they are wasteful, so don’t go there. Don’t dwell in this space.

3. Become aware of, and stay with, any thoughts that are of a positive nature.  These are any thoughts that are of benefit to you, to others, or to the environment or situation that you find yourself in. These can stay. Feed these thoughts with energy, focus on them, and watch them expand and become your reality. Watch them manifest in the world, and enjoy them.

As they say, “Where your thoughts go, energy flows”.

Experiment with this, it’s a great game to play 🙂

A lake is made up of droplets of water.

Create your perfect lake with a small change every day, and then swim in your own lake of perfection, because when I change myself, the world around me changes.

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