My spiritual retreat in Mount Abu

I have just returned from a spiritual retreat with the Brahma Kumaris at the headquarters in India. I attended several classes and the one I found most useful was one about staying happy. I am now learning to be happy no matter what, despite some very negative events happening in my past, knowing that at least God is with me and that I’m improving my consciousness by having a relationship with the One.

I was determined to be independent and I managed to stay happy most of the time despite the obstacles.I kept myself happy by appreciating my fortune to a much greater extent than I have done before. I was also selfless in most of my relationships and tried to be the first to give which brought me a lot of contentment.

I have the aim of claiming a very high status in Heaven and I was focusing on churning the spiritual knowledge and I was sticking closely to the spiritual disciplines taught at the university and making effort to be soul conscious and to keep a constant flow of pure thoughts. Every day I listened to God’s knowledge which is one way of improving the intellect and developing a higher consciousness. I would start my day at 3am and be in the meditation hall by 3.30am for early morning group meditation. I would spend the first half hour at least churning on the blessing. Due to my good efforts I got extra help from the Senior Sister conducting the meditation which helped me to progress.

The food there was specially prepared in God’s remembrance and I really enjoyed eating it as it was so pure and there was something different every day. The accommodation was comfortable and clean and every day I did my best to keep my belongings tidy which helped me to stay happy as I was doing my best to be perfect. For me, these things were my reward for my spiritual efforts during the year and it further strengthened my relationship with God as I saw it as God giving back to me.

During the retreat I was also focusing on making friends and being independent from others. I have been for spiritual retreats before and I don’t normally make many friends despite my efforts but this time I was very successful and I spoke to many other souls and made several friends, this made me feel well taken care of.

The retreat gave me renewed energy and now my aim is learn how to apply a full stop in my mind regardless of what is happening around me during my daily life and not just when I am on a retreat. I also received special blessings from God during the retreat for my efforts to stay in constant remembrance and I’m sure you can get the same.

Thanks God for making me feel like a million dollar baby!

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