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The BBC has reported that NHS patients in England should get results for cancer tests within four weeks of being referred by a GP by 2020 under new plans to improve treatment.

In 2012 there were an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer worldwide and 8.2 million deaths worldwide (taken from Cancer Research UK).

I’m very glad to hear the news about improvements in cancer care for NHS patients as my mum who was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 was only told by the time it was stage 3.

Doesn’t it seem that everyone knows someone who has either died of cancer or is currently suffering from this disease?

So how can we all cope with the endless suffering, loss and bereavement? Finding out you’ve got cancer is hard enough but living with cancer is a real struggle along with all the other issues we face in the world today.

My mum died of cancer only in February so I have seen for myself the problems that cancer patients have to face and have first-hand experience of looking after a cancer patient and coming to terms with the loss.

The main things we can do as carers are keep the patient content, worry free and comfortable. My mum for example was dealing with so many things, often thinking about the past and feeling resentment, having financial problems as she was not able to continue with her job and having to pay for transport to get to the endless hospital appointments and dealing with a difficult relationship with her husband.  By helping my mum to stay content and worry free I was able to create some happy moments for my mum.

I think it’s really important to tell a cancer patient how much you love and appreciate them and create a peaceful and loving environment for them so that they will feel happy which will give them strength to face what the body is going through. Doing this also helped me to feel better about the situation.

Eating fresh food which is cooked with love and care is also vital. The vibrations from the food will reach the soul promoting well-being, creating peace of mind and making them feel cared for. I used to cook pasta for my mum making a sauce with fresh ingredients.

Going for short walks may help to keep the mind fresh and healthy and keep depression at bay. However, as my mum’s cancer developed she was no longer able to go outside for walks so we would just sit in the nearby park instead.

I used to send my mum God’s peaceful and loving vibrations every day during the early morning hours to help her stay peaceful and happy. If you are the cancer patient you can send peaceful and loving vibrations to the body to help ease the pain and discomfort.

It really works if you can remain detached and at peace as this will help the cancer patient to do the same. I believe in reincarnation and used to imagine my mum taking another birth and being free from the pain in that new birth which helped me to stay positive.

We need to encourage cancer patients to try meditation, after all most illnesses are stress related and being at peace will help them to enjoy a better quality of life and reduces our experiences of pain.  My mum used to enjoy listening to a meditation CD called “A time for healing” by Anthony Strano.

Another good tool for cancer patients is to use visualisation where one imagines the self-coping and feeling safe and well which can help to overcome negative thoughts about the illness.

One form of therapy is laughter as it releases endorphins (feel good hormones) around the body. When I see life as a game, my lightness of spirit makes problems seem easier.

Although I helped my mum through her cancer and increased my intensity of help towards the end I still wish I had done more for her so make sure you think things through and make your decisions with foresight. A few things I’m really glad I did were attend her chemotherapy treatments with her in the final year and not go on holiday but spent more time with my mum.

Something I wish I’d done more of was put more of my hobbies on hold earlier and give my mum a hug every day.

There are some great tips and meditations available in the book “Lifting Your Spirits”.

So let’s all make sure we take care of our precious cancer patients because it’s so rewarding.

..with ideas taken from “Lifting your Spirits – Seven tools for Coping with Illness”


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  2. Jasween on 30th October 2015 at 6:10 pm

    I have recently learned that souls who die due to cancer still carry the virus in the early stages of their next birth so we have to keep sending them vibrations daily to prevent cancer in the next birth also.

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