• It’s Time… To Do the Inner Work

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    IT’S TIME…To Do the Inner Work Aruna Ladva
    In our modern 21st century the stress and pressures
    of daily living are ever increasing. We never seem
    to see a reduction in the things that demand our
    time, money and attention.

  • MAKING SENSE, Understanding Can Change the World

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    If someone is asleep and you tell him
    he is asleep, there is no one to listen,
    no one to understand.

  • The Journey into Inner Space (Hard back)

    5 out of 5

    Make-believe lands of magic and mystery have enthralled us
    since time immemorial.

    Well now you can, using the latest technology to help you access
    deep truths and insights that are in danger of being lost in our
    often frenetically busy world.


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    BEING NO ONE – HAVING NOTHING – GOING NOWHERE – Everyone’s Leadership Journey

  • Flash Time – The discovery and Meaning of Cyclic Time

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  • Living as Art – 16 Celestial Degrees

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  • The Wisdom of Personal Undevelopment: The Art of Liberation by Unlearning and Undoing

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    With an accurate awareness of ones self and the ‘stability of being’ that it provides, learn how to develop abilities to manage stress and resolve conflict as well better the self in every role you play.

  • Experience Meditation with CD

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    An 8 step method to deepening your meditation experience.

  • Dialogues of a Silent Mind

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  • It’s Time to Meditate

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    0 out of 5
  • Hot

    Think, Feel, Know, Enjoy

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    A beautiful and powerful book exploring the true identity of ourselves. Structured in points to Think, Feel, Know and Enjoy, which facilitate the process from knowing about spiritual matters to actually experiencing them in everyday life.


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