An ANGEL Whispered

An ANGEL Whispered


An Angel Whispered combines heavenly wisdom with down-to-earth advice in this inspiring guide on happiness.

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An angel reveals the elusive but yet simple equation for happiness: ‘Peace of Mind’ + ‘Love in Your Heart’ = ‘Happiness’.

But how can our minds be peaceful when the world is filled with so much pain, suffering, and injustice? And how can our hearts love in the face of hatred, anger, or indifference? An Angel Whispered answers the questions that weigh on our minds and shows us how to enable our hearts to love again. It explores new ways of thinking about who we are, why we are here, and why things happen. This allows us to accept the things we cannot change while empowering us to make a difference. As we do this, we not only learn how to create happiness within ourselves but we also become angels, by spreading happiness throughout the world.

About the author Patricia Tashiro

Patricia has a Masters Degree in International Relations and has come to believe while studying with Gizi Pruthi at The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University that peace, love, and happiness will only come in the world when we find it within. In light of this, she wrote An Angel Whispered, which highlights some of the key points of wisdom shared by Giziben – “the angel who whispered” who has practiced and taught meditation for over 20 years. Patricia sees this book as an opportunity to share with others all that she has received. She has lived and worked in Washington, DC; Tokyo; Hong Kong; Paris and now lives in London, with her husband and their daughter.

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