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KNOWING what is TRUE for YOU

The moment we ‘arrive’ we inherit and assimilate a matrix of beliefs from parents, teachers and society at large.  Many of those beliefs will lead us down blind alleys and dead ends as they skew our decisions and the direction of our life.  Others will generate many moments of unhappiness that we call stress.

To believe is to say ‘I don’t know’.  And belief is certainly not the truth.  So how are we to realize and know our own truth?

Mike focuses on 30 universally accepted beliefs exposing them as false at best and lies at worst.  He sets up new signposts that help you discern and clarify deeper truths for your self.

Always with the awareness that you have to make up your own mind, he doesn’t tell you what to think, but shares his own personal insights and invites you to join him in a process of reflection and contemplation, helping you to clarify:

  • Why certain beliefs get in the way of the truth
  • The difference between belief and truth
  • How do you know that you know
  • The ‘truth’ about all beliefs
  • What your world looks like beyond belief
  • Why ALL beliefs can be misleading
  • An expose of 30 belief systems that run our life including SUCCESS, SECURITY, SELF ESTEEM, POSITIVE THINKING, LOVE and LOSS.

About the author Mike George

Mike George is an author of 16 books on the development of self-awareness, the cultivation of spiritual
intelligence, freedom from emotional suffering and the creation of a more enlightened way to live, a management tutor and spiritual coach. In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour Mike brings together there key strands of the 21 st century – self-awareness, emotional/spiritual intelligence and continuous ‘unlearning’. For the last 30 years he has been guiding and facilitating the personal development of leaders in companies and communities in over 30 countries. You can visit Mike’s website or contact him at

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