BEING Your Self

BEING Your Self


Seeing and Knowing What’s IN the Way IS the Way!

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‘It’s not easy to BE your self in a world where almost everyone wants you to be someone else! Even friends and colleagues often want you to be their version of you! We are surrounded and ambushed every day by a thousand images and voices calling us to invest our identity in their product, their brand, their label, their service. It’s not surprising we all go through our own personal form of ‘identity crisis’. Sometimes it lasts a lifetime! That’s why who you ‘think’ you are, is usually who you are not!’ – Mike George

Mike George explores and explains: how to liberate oneself from ego-the ‘false you’, and rediscover the ‘real you’; how to let go of the attachments that are holding back; why fear, anger and sadness sabotage our happiness so frequently and ways to liberate oneself from this emotional suffering; how to align with the spiritual laws of consciousness, renew our ‘soul energy’ and be free of stress; how to choose feelings anywhere and anytime; how to realise and see what’s IN the way IS the way.

About the author Mike George

Mike brings together the three key strands of 21st century – emotional/spiritual intelligence, leadership development and continuous ‘unlearning’. For the last thirty years Mike has been coaching, guiding and facilitating the personal and executive development of people in companies and communities in over 40 countries. Each year he facilitates a series of awareness retreats worldwide as he mentors and coaches individuals on how to re-awaken their innate wisdom and restore their self mastery. His 9 books include ‘The 7 AHA!s of Highly Enlightened Souls’, ‘the 7 Myths About LOVE’ and ‘Discover Inner Peace’. His latest book ‘The Immun System of the Soul’ has just been published. In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour Mike entertains as he enlightens, speaks to the heart as he stay’s out of the head and points to ‘the way’ as he waves you off on your journey!

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