Bereavements (Mp3)


Get true knowledge and overcome the fear of loss and learn how to accept, support during a difficult period in life.

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1. Bereavement – Releasing the soul
Understanding bereavement and exploring the steps to cope with bereavement. Looking at the truth behind what is the soul and what happens to the being after death and how we can learn to let go and offer support to loved ones. Ending with a Guided Meditation on grounding, strengthening and healing.
2.Bereavement  – Cherishing the invaluable gift of life
Discover the treasure of life and understand our journey. as well as various roles we play. Overcome the fear of death and embrace the inner knowledge of my own desires. With a short meditation on life.
Biography of Sister Sudesh
For over 58 years Sister Sudesh has been an outstanding lecturer, teacher and broadcaster on human development, meditation and the creative abilities of the mind. She has travelled in over 90 countries, addressing international conferences and coordinating workshops and seminars. At a time when people are looking for greater self-reliance and self-esteem, there is a growing awareness for the need of the individual to develop his or her own potential and master the untapped resources of the mind. Sister Sudesh not only has a wealth of experience from her own research into meditation but, as a teacher, she is particularly adept at clarifying the concepts of the inner workings of the mind. She easily helps students of all ages and from all backgrounds to experience their own creative capacity.

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