Breaking Through The Darkness


Breaking Through The Darkness


In this book John McConnel shares his own journey through depression and the things he has learned along the way. The intention behind the book is to highlight the important part that spirituality can play in understanding and overcoming depression, anxiety and stress.

If you want to:
– Restore your inner peace,
– Change depression, anxiety or stress from a curse into a blessing
– Discover how to live a life of self-acceptance, happiness and love
– Create a brighter future
then this is the book for you.

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This book is for anyone who feels anxious, stressed, unhappy or depressed as well as
professionals working in the mental health field. It is a simple, practical, self-help guide to dealing with depression and other negative states of mind from a spiritual perspective.
Many books and experts focus on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of depression but few mention, or consider, the spiritual aspect. All of us are both body and spirit. Bill Bryson in his book ‘The Body’ refers to us as ‘occupants’ of the body.
To ignore this aspect of ourselves is like walking blind-folded through life. We will never be completely happy until we turn our attention inwards and reconnect with our essence.
We are by nature beings of peace, love and joy. Such qualities are part of our original spiritual
We are not born depressed, anxious or stressed. We become depressed, anxious and stressed. Over time, journeying through this complicated and confusing world, we have lost our way. Our truth has become suppressed and submerged under a deluge of distractions, distortions and distressing life events. By remembering who we really are and re-connecting with the Light, magic happens. Depression changes from a curse into a blessing, a gift that can lead to
self -transformation.

The book is divided into two parts.
PART 1: provides an understanding of depression and a spiritual framework to enable us to climb out of the bog of depression and return to our original state of contentment. It includes a four-step process, which can be summarised as follows:
1. Understand the Mind/Body Connection
2. Think Positively
3. Be Soul Conscious
4. Connect With The Light.
Each step offers food for thought and there are reflective exercises to consolidate the learning and provide an opportunity to tune in to our own inner wisdom.

PART 2: consists of a series of reflective experiments designed to reinforce the theory with practical experiences that will, hopefully, help us to break through the darkness into the Light of love, peace and hope.
The book is available on Kindle and Amazon where it has four 5* reviews. Here is what people are saying about it:
I have no doubt thousands will benefit from this stunningly brilliant contribution to healing. Caroline Myss, international best-selling author. A wonderful, wonderful book. It is beautifully written and put together.  A stunning, must read, written with the pure light of wisdom, experience and a gentle smile. Just what is needed for the millions of people suffering from stress, sadness, insecurity and doubt at this extraordinary time. I think many people will find it a lifeline in these times. A good read. Very enlightening on different levels; it will become a self-help bible for many people.
A very readable and motivating book to lead a person out of depression and stagnation and fill their lives with purpose and meaning. A great book which gets directly to the point. Explains excellently the reasons for many mental disabilities and provides a wonderful and easy 4 step process to help tackle our negative mind sets, using some profound and beautiful reflective exercises. Highly recommended.

John’s Bio (2) 2020
John McConnel is a stress management trainer and former prison governor and social worker who has helped many depressed and/or stressed people in his life, including himself!. He has been studying and teaching raja yoga meditation for nearly 30 years. He has a strong interest in the practical application of spiritual principles and insights in daily life and conducts workshops in this country and abroad on a variety of personal development topics with a view to enabling people to improve the quality of their life and help change the world.

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1 review for Breaking Through The Darkness

  1. 5 out of 5

    Minal Patel

    “It’s rare that I feel passionate about a book, I loved every moment of this fantastic sharing. I couldn’t put it down. I’m a creative person and it takes the right kind of book to keep me interested. Not only was I interested, I wanted to shout out to the world about how inspiring, helpful and supportive John’s words are for any human being on a spiritual journey – depressed or not.
    I’ve had by bouts of light depression and severe anxiety and reading this book felt as though someone genuine, who is at my level really understood what happens in one’s heart and mind during these times. It’s so easy to digest I read the whole thing through in one morning and couldn’t be dragged away from it, it felt as though my third eye was opened a little bit more after every short segment. It’s a gift for the world. The combination of the main sharing, the pause for thoughts and experiments supported by John’s own experiences give this book a perfectly well rounded approach to defeating mental health issues from a spiritual perspective. I’ve never heard it spoken so clearly. There is not one single ulterior motive here. It’s all about sharing from human to human how we can truly make a lasting change in ourselves.
    I’m looking forward to picking it up again soon in those moments of feeling down or tired or stressed. I’m really looking forward to using the reflective experiments and the pause for thoughts in my ongoing spiritual practise. Thank you from a part of my heart I never knew existed”

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