Creating Self Esteem


When we do not know ourselves, we cannot respect ourselves.

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These lectures take up the topic of creating self-esteem and inner power. Without self-esteem, we lack inner strength and lose control over our thoughts, words and actions, ending up in a state of confusion, guilt and despair. This talk aims to help reverse this process so we can develop a true sense of the self and build self respect and self esteem.

About the speaker Sister Jayanti

Sister Jayanti is the Additional Administrative Head of The Brahma Kumaris, the world’s largest spiritual organisation to be led by women. She is a spiritual teacher, much sought after international public speaker, author and a visionary leader guided by spiritual values and principles.

Sister Jayanti embodies a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western education and culture; imparting the deepest spiritual truths with the utmost clarity. Her prominent speaking themes include leadership, environment & climate change, women’s empowerment; health & well-being, racial harmony, interreligious friendships & global peace.

In these critical times in which humanity is facing up to the challenges of change, her message invites each of us to embody a positive vision of a brighter world. Her spiritual knowledge, inner peace and radiant love have inspired millions across the globe to empower themselves to make changes to their lives.

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