Creativity To Reinvent Your Life


Creativity is a gift that each one of us has.

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Creativity is a gift that each one of us has. This book gives guidelines for having creative power in our hands. Enabling to be at the helm of our lives rather than at the mercy of our habits, circumstances, others and time. It accompanies in discovering what your helm is, how to take a strong hold on it and allow it to guide your life; it facilitates listening to your intuition and inner teacher that stimulates true creativity. The book suggests guidelines to go from intention to action, from theory to experience. Personal health, the health of the planet and the health of humanity depend on us all working creatively. You can be more creative. Dare to.

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Miriam Subirana has a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. She shares her profession as a painter and writer with being a teacher of meditation and positive thinking. Miriam coordinates programmes, projects, seminars and retreats worldwide, whose objective is to re-find and live ones identity and enjoy a fuller life. She has previously published ‘Who Rules in Your Life’ and ‘Dare to Live’ and posts regularly on

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