Dadi Janki A Century of Service

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Dadi was one of modern India’s first female spiritual leaders, who has transcended established norms of religion, society and culture and who had dedicated her life to the service of humanity.

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DADI JANKI – A CENTURY OF SERVICE is the biography Dadi Janki, who was the founder of the Brahma Kumaris outside India.   

Dadi was one of modern India’s first female spiritual leaders, who has transcended established norms of religion, society and culture and who had dedicated her life to the service of humanity.

Engaging with people form the grassroots to government leaders, Dadi campaigns for truth, cultivation of inner strengths, values, inter-religious understanding and co-operation and worked tirelessly for world peace. She traveled worldwide, sharing the wisdom and deep spiritual knowledge of Raja Yoga, the way back to self-mastery.

As Administrative Head of the organisation she oversaw centres in over 120 countries, with about one million students. This book relates the lifestory of this remarkable individual, her dedication to God and her commitment to create a better future.

Liz Hodgkinson has written more than 50 books on a wide variety of subjects including biography, autobiography, health, personal growth, property and relationships. Her books have been translated into over 20 languages. A regular broadcaster on radio and TV, Liz is also in demand as a public speaker, particularly on ‘glass ceiling’ and women issues. Liz has worked on four national newspapers: The Sunday People, Sun, Daily Mail and Times, and continues to contribute to many publications and websites. She is currently writing of the Daily Mail’s Femail pages, The Telegraph, House Beautiful, The Lady magazine, Good Housekeeping and Woman magazine. 

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2 reviews for Dadi Janki A Century of Service

  1. Jasween Dogra

    If you want to do something amazing with your life to help others, this book is a must read. Dadi Janki shares her innate wisdom on how to achieve the impossible. This is a personal account of a truly remarkable soul. The author is a personal friend of Dadi Janki and describes in detail how Dadi Janki established the Brahma Kumaris in the West, starting with nothing. The author uses her own knowledge, input from Dadi Janki directly and descriptions from other key volunteers in the organisation.

    The book clearly describes how Dadi Janki began her life in the UK, not speaking any English and having no money and no home. She used to sleep on a door and could not even afford a bed. The author discusses how Dadi crossed cultural and religious barriers slowly building up the membership of the Brahma Kumaris. Dadi Janki had always felt a powerful connection with God and believes that an honest heart wins the help of God.

    In the book we hear about how Dadi has overcome many life threatening illnesses through the power of meditation. We hear about Dadi’s amazing personality and presence. Dadi Janki describes how she had always wanted a life filled with meaning and purpose. In this amazing book we hear about Dadi’s incredible talent spotting ability. The book also describes what it takes to be a good leader.

    Dadi Janki has now reached the age of 100 and still gives classes in India. The book describes her best asset – her dedicated connection to God.

  2. Nicole

    This book is a true inspiration for all those wishing to do good in the world. It tells the biography of a woman growing up in India, whose love for God and mankind has led her to become one of today’s world spiritual leaders. Her life truly shows that a pure heart and mind can overcome many challenges and obstacles and encourages one to continue living life with best feelings for the self, others and the world.

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