Flash Time – The discovery and Meaning of Cyclic Time


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Flash Time explains by far the most exciting discovery in all human history: Time and Space are deeply cyclic in Nature, and so is the journey of the human soul. Who would have guessed that mere thoughts control the space around us? Real science shows this simply and easily for the first time with 90 new pictures, 19 in colour, in an entirely new world view. Flash Time boldly explains how ‘the spiritual’ or ‘mind energy’ actually runs the world, not chance events we cannot control. Has science truly created a ‘Million Year Myth’ to support incorrect theories based on assumptions alone? Flash Time shows the answer is clearly ‘Yes’.


Why is the chaos increasing everywhere? Flash Time explains the reasons are ‘a cyclic world’.

A fresh look at all human thinking…with very surprising results about Time & consciousness. 

From Reincarnation to Einstein, psychology to archaeology, the Cycle has omnipotent energy. 

This exciting new book shows how human minds alone can alter Matter to restore calm. 

New proof that life on earth continues happily forever, not ending in darkness as Science claims. 

Does all of Time repeat exactly in a giant cycle? FLASH TIME shows it does, and Order returns. 

How come there should be trillions of dinosaur skeletons…yet only 653 have been found? Flash Time explains at last. 

Original 40 year research study into Cyclic Time that shows Einstein and Hawking’s work needs revising.

About the author Jules Boles

Bio of J. Boles, FGA, FRGS

Jules Boles grew up on England’s Jurassic Coast and began geology classes aged eight, later gaining the FGA diploma in gemmology. In 1976 he presented evidence for serious faults in nuclear power plants to the Windscale Inquiry into nuclear reprocessing in Cumbria, England. Visiting 60 countries while working in the gem trade for 35 years, he became Director of the British Gemmology Istitute (BGI), now Britain’s oldest gem research laboratory. He specialises in valuing rare items, and developed a more reliable diamond standard with the BGI Precision Grading System to prevent fraud, and for use in valuations for Lloyds of London insurers. He invented the first patented electronic Global Anti-Fraud System, and became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He set up the BGI molecular analysis unit and founded the BGI’s Department of Earth&Space Science, reassessing spacetime theories


Jules Boles writes to us what Flash Time means to him:
Read on pages 22-24 below:

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