The four faces of Woman – MP3


The Four Faces of Woman takes us on a return journey to our innate innocence, truth, and beauty, The Eternal Face. We recognise that in recovering ourselves, we need to heal.

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Shakti has three meanings: Power, God’s Energy and the Divine Feminine. The way of the Shakti is the way back to the truth of our own knowing, back to our innocence and power. In connecting with the Source, combining with God’s energy, we heal ourselves and the world. These commentaries offer you experiences of your own truth. They lead you to YOU, the you that doesn’t need to try, to prove, to be anything for anyone. You are guided to the deepest resting place of the soul- the power of authenticity, the beauty of the true being. In using these commentaries to find a deeper, truer sense of yourself you will find the practice supports you in being more and more who you really are in your day to day life. The CD is designed to empower the Eternal and Shakti Face, through which the Traditional and Modern faces begin to heal. So sit back and just be.

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