God’s Healing Power

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World-renowned spiritual teacher B.K. Jayanti reveals how a regular meditation practice can help us tap into a higher power.

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Sister Jayanti particularly focuses on the techniques of Raja Yoga meditation in this book, which teaches us to stop wasteful thoughts, concentrate on our inner strength, and reach out to the power of the divine. Through this process we can live like yogis, break free of negative habits, and improve our relationship with others…and the planet.

About the author

Sister Jayanti is the Additional Administrative Head of The Brahma Kumaris, the world’s largest spiritual organisation to be led by women. She is a spiritual teacher, much sought after international public speaker, author and a visionary leader guided by spiritual values and principles.

Sister Jayanti embodies a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western education and culture; imparting the deepest spiritual truths with the utmost clarity. Her prominent speaking themes include leadership, environment & climate change, women’s empowerment; health & well-being, racial harmony, interreligious friendships & global peace.

In these critical times in which humanity is facing up to the challenges of change, her message invites each of us to embody a positive vision of a brighter world. Her spiritual knowledge, inner peace and radiant love have inspired millions across the globe to empower themselves to make changes to their lives.

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4 reviews for God’s Healing Power

  1. Paul Delaforce

    Great introduction to Raja Yoga and Spirituality.
    “I am a peaceful soul”

  2. Jasween

    This is an immensely inspiring book, designed to bring you closer to God and describes how meditation can greatly enhance your relationship with Him.

    The author shares their churnings about the key relationships with the Supreme such as Father, Mother, Friend, Teacher, Gardener, Boatman and Companion. They explain how it is possible to have all relationships with God so that you stop expecting anything from others which allows you to be independent and be more forgiving of others’ shortcomings. For this you need to be open to receiving God’s love in a powerful form. The book describes how this is done by understanding that God does not judge us and simply offers us unconditional love no matter what. You also need to concentrate on yourself as the soul and see the beauty of the inner self.

    The book explains how meditation is a form of communication with God and it is a bit like plugging into a main electricity supply.” The sense of God’s pure wishes enables me to respect myself”. The book talks about how meditation can help you take control when you get angry just with the one thought that I’m a soul. This will help you to restore balance in your system. The more you practice the deeper you dive into that pure consciousness and the” longer the experience lasts”. The author explains how being free from a materialistic consciousness will help you to be yourself. Several meditation commentaries are used to give the reader an idea of how to apply the concepts.

    The book is organized into four main chapters in a logical order. The layout enhances it’s appeal and makes the subjects very approachable. It leaves the reader feeling calm and confident in the subject. A CD of meditation commentary is included on the appropriate topic of “Knowing God”.

  3. Jim

    Her book explores and examines the core aspects of spirituality. Sr. Jayanti shares with exceptional clarity and insight, guiding us through the four main areas of spiritual truth; soul, God, personal relationships and our ultimate destination, helped and supported by her clear and powerful meditations.

  4. Sushma

    Very informative , and this has helped to heal my life

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